Woke up refreshed as I needed a good dose to recharge my batteries, though I only managed 7am before I had to get up. I heard Bakey start up his Pop about 6am woke the whole camp site i would say I didn't realised how loud it was until I heard it on a still morning. He had gone for a shower before they got busy... yeah 6am good time eh ;o)

Is this a Jimmy White Look alike or what.

Ace 32.. I want I want I want ;o)

Pudzz was up and came organised for a full breaky for us and was much appreciated and scoffed in no time flat a good way to start any day a full English ohh yes. I was happy to leave the Truck as was for the cruise out, but friggin Pudzz the manic cleaner embarrassed me into giving mine a wash off and a chamois down. I now only had the Truck on the road two days and I was sick of it already, I have not had a car to clean let alone polish for 4yrs it was not going down well.

Cruise venue was a ski/water sports club and after a good drive out round the local country lanes and villages, passing rods in all directions was very cool but worrying that we were going the wrong way ;o) It looked like everyone was lost and going back the way we had all just been, but it was Pike and Suzy's cunning plan so we all got to see other Rods on the move.

We arrived at the Ski club and were parked, the script was get a drink at the bar and a ticket for a burger or what ever to collect at the Barby, but the queue was quite big and slowly getting massive as we waited for our turn.

How does Steve Hudson keep his T in such great condition looks as good as the day he debuted it years ago.

Always loved this 35 cooooool

As always we all seem to want a pee at the same time and the toilets had 2 basins to pee in so we even had to queue there, one big guy was trying all the shower doors thinking they were toilets, looking in then shutting it in disgust as the desperation welled up in his face.

I said come on don't try and tell me you have never pee'd in the shower before...... he turned round and he was a real big guy and he announced in a real anxious voice...... "yeah but I need a shit" ha ha I nearly had an heart attack from laughing so much.. whaa whaa..


Well we did eventually got served and the cool lager and cheese burger were just what we all needed. Young Odm hitched a ride with Pudzz and took plenty of photos and seem a real nice and clever young lad with a fantastic eye for a photo. Also had a good crack with Dave Brown who was telling me about his planned trip to America, driving round in an open top Rod and when his awesome A40 van is out of the paint shop, it will be going to the Us to do the show circuit... shame it wont be seen in the country, though I am promised a sneak viewing of it when its all done, they had to cut 180 wires to remove the body for paint.. real fun eh. Should be stunning when its all finished.

Well it was all over to soon and we headed on back to Billing, I latched onto the guy leaving in the 38 as I had no idea how to get back.

It was then park up the cars and go check out the trade stands. But not before a beer or two. Camped by us now were some youngish folk with a massive tent who were on a jolly for the weekend. We got chatting with them in no time thanks to Pudzz. We borrowed a couple of chairs ;o) and just soaked up what little sun there was. Then did the trade stands and went to the local hostelry for a slap up meal..

Sat night was real weird, maybe it was the muddy field or was it the crap disco.. I dunno something was missing, the crack was not there at all. maybe it was just me but I just didn't enjoy it as I usually do. Usually there is plenty going on and lots of milling about and chatting it just didn't seem to be happening.. so we moved into the marquee to get a fresh cold beer, the music was still crap but the crack was better with a short natter with Ginner and a longer one with Mick Shepherd of Premier Auto Trim and his miss's so it wasn't all bad. So not a fantastic night but not all bad.

We decided to go back to camp and hit the cans. The Young folk were still there ready to go out to the Billing Club house, they said when you have finished with the chairs put them in the back of your yellow Jeep..... yellow Jeep they meant my bloody Gold F100... oh how we laughed. so it was known as the yellow Jeep after that you can always rely on mates cant ya.

They came back about midnight and were surprised the old folk (us) were still up. they said we thought you would all be in bed by now and them some crack about us being old... twats.

Anyhow we stayed up till around 2am and saw them all out and gave them their chairs back so we didn't have to leave them in my yellow Jeep.

Well that was Saturday gone, we just prayed the show field would be useable tomorrow a the NSRA put a lot of effort into these shows and they must of been papping them.


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