NSRA SuperNats (Old Warden) as seen through the eyes of Stu

 Friday's (mellow) dramatic start.

Starting the day with problems on the Pop, shearing the throttle pedal clean in half, and then not starting, we decided enough was enough and all piled into the van to make the short 45 mile journey to Old Warden :-(. We finally left the house at half one, telling Bill and Mark we would meet them there at two (no chance now). So we trundled down at a very relaxed pace, not seeing any rods on route I began to wonder whether we had actually got the right weekend, well with everything else that had happened it wouldn't come as a great shock if this turned out to be the case.

On arrival at The Supernats we were greeted with the smiling faces from the NSRA crew in the registration tent. When the unmistakable sound of the rumbling V8 was heard, Oh yes we had truly arrived, we turned to see a Chevy truck with a bed full of people (well oiled already :-) ) in a make shift swimming pool, looked like the precedence had been set for the weekend.


We soon met up with Bill (Acts of Shed) in his Victor and the rest of his family and set up camp, ready for the evening meal and introductions to Bills family and friend Al. Mark (V8Blackpop) and Jon (Jonny69) arrived in Marks Camaro and set up camp alongside, and the introductions started again, after explaining where the pop was and the problems we had, we decided that situation would probably seem funnier after a couple of cold ones. We would give the marquee a miss on Friday, so it was off to bed at around 11 after a few sociable's.


Mark Belchers air bagged 39 Chrysler (Holmsey)

We where all up early, thanks to the kids (6am, sorry guys) after the morning refreshments we took a walk around the campsite to checkout the machinery. I was taken back by this Green and purple errr!!! car?? (Help required here guys) Mark Belchers 39 Chrysler Ed. I haven't got a clue what it is but hey it looked as cool as ice.

There where a few usual suspects around as well like this Chevy pickup (just for you H ;-) ) By this time the sun had really started to kick in and although it was just after 11 it was baking, looking to be a real scorcher. We weren't disappointed. Even the cars had to cool off some how.

We walked around a bit more and saw this trio of cool cars just posing for a photo. Langy's T, Sue Manners A RPU and Brian Lucas's B Roadster

Coyd Boddingtons 9yr in the building cool 32 got Participants choice... Eric Hollins 37 still looking good as ever.

We carried on walking around and decided to take leave of our senses and walk around the trade stands, (not a good idea with kids, LOL). This station wagon was really cool with the white pearl paint and metalflake and laced paint roof, the attention to detail even went on to the wheels which had a matching coat of metalflake.


There were cars burbling around all day and this Chevy caught my eye. (another one for ya H). The black 32 pickup (?) was soo cool right down to the skulls in the engine bay.

Waiting for the cruise to start we walked along the lineup and caught sight of this little black coupe, ahh another one to my list of UKHR e-mail group personnel, so after introducing myself and sandy to dusty we chatted for a short while then the cruise headed out. So we took the opportunity to go back to the tents and chill out before the night's entertainment began. We had another arrival to the campsite John Fraser (jsf55) arrived all the way from Swansea in his Pop, and it looked fantastic.

The kids disco started at around half seven, so off we trotted to the fair and the marquee, letting the kids wear themselves out whilst we caught up with friends, we hadn't seen for a while. The nights entertainment started but after a bit we decided to get the youngest (2) to bed and chilled out with a few more cold ones (as ya do, lol), settled by the tents looking forward to Sundays show and shine.


After a night of rather heavy rain the day started off warm, with a look of more scorching weather (and cars.) Yet again we were right and both the cars and the weather was fantastic, at around 10 the public car park had a stream of cars nose to tail coming in and was already looking pretty full. So that's enough rambling from me so enjoy some of the cars from Sunday.

This legend was on the back of a '55 Chevy, makes you think huh!!!!


Hello to all we met and camped with and if I have forgotten anyone I am sorry it's not intentional.

Hope you all enjoyed,

Stu Balls.

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