Preston Do Sept!

I haven't been to Preston for what seems like yonks. It is like there is always something else I am doing.. Not sure if it is just how things are or because it is held on the 1st Friday and so must be everything else I do?? Anyhow I got there this month and it didn't disappoint, there were the usual favourites, like Tony Graystons superb Hi-Tec 34 style Dooster, Odgie in his Ratty 50 F1 Truck not long back from his trip to Sweden, and his mate Jet Boys cool 54 F100, shag loads of 70's Yank muscle a few Brit 100E's and so on.

The Ex THE 39 err 39,  has found it way up here, bought from the NSRA for sale pages  looked stunning and sounded even better when the new owner fired the beauty up. Me and Odgie stood and looked at it for ages. Like Mart on the Rad Rods DVD *buy your copy here* said the 40's (same as 39) Ford is perfect from any angle. They sure were designed by someone with a passion for cars, yep one of my most favourite shaped Rods. This Consul with a V6 stood out as a nice tasteful build in its suede black paint and polished 5 spokes looked real nice!

There were a lot of people milling about, and quite a lot of young ones that sort of stood out as not being from our scene if ya know what I mean. But they were not walking round pointing and going whoa look at dat NOS, they looked like they knew what they were there for.. Maybe just kids into the scene like I was in my teens but couldn't afford or have a Rod *hum?*  Back in the 70's and 80's though you would of been accepted into the scene in your modern Car. You just got a trick paint job and some wheels and you were away, but not now it seems.. it has to be of our type.. or you get ridiculed... as will be seen later!  I did notice the the car park for regulars was full, so maybe they all parked there away from the main Cruise car park and just saunter'd round looking at the Cars that had turned up?

I met up with Odgie as he had some bed strips for me, that Ross Morrison had kindly donated to my F100 build ;o) We had a bit of a crack and also met up with Scott his younger brother, who I hadn't seen in about 17years.. Odgie said he had been there ages and hadn't had a look round yet... so that's what we did. Though the scene has many many Pop's this one really stands out to me as a tough looking no nonsense build, sits superb, right wheel size combo, chop and the arches look nice... Yep bang on the money for me.

I try to put photos on here of cars not seen before, but Paul Kennedy's Drag strip refugee 33 looked just wild sat there with the Lea gate as a backdrop so I had to didn't I.

When I was stood outside talking with Paul, in came a couple of suntanned gentlemen, in a dark unsure what, but a modern car, with all the modern bits on it, lowered, wheels, spoilers and the like. He stopped as he came into the car park where all the assembled Yank and Rod owners were and vented his Nitros Oxide (laughing Gas) system......... with a loud swiiiissshhhh ... there must of been a large cloud of the gas floating round, as it did work and made everyone stood there laugh out loud.... though it didn't make it over far enough to me mind, as I didn't ;o) Poor fukkers I did feel a little embarrassed and sorry for them, maybe they were lost!

Some of the younger ones I was on about before stayed till the end to watch all the ground rumbling Yanks leave hoping for some Rubber action!
Paul did say he was not going to do anything this time and was intent on just leaving quietly.... But when your car is this eye popping I just dont think you can ever sneak away.. not with a Hemi and a blower whining away in the late summer evening anyway.. Paul just gave it a quick blip. wharraaaa grraooooo it leapt and did a squirrelly dance and everyone roared with appreciation and glee, many diving away for cover to... Then he did it again as more came to see what the fuss was..  Wharrraaaa Graooooo away it leapt again,  a women with a small child,  grabbed her kid and did a leap herself backwards nearly falling into the barbecue... She then picked up her kid and ran to the safety of the wall I was stood behind.. chuntering... " that was bloody stoopid and down right dangerous" or words to that effect?? Shit what do these people think our cars are? a Fair ground fukking ride, Man this is a serious Car.... stand back...... stand away.. give them room... and remember that was just a quick blip these ain't no modern low torque hi tec, tiny engines. these are fire breathing, tarmac ripping, powerful and growling Monster V8's so get outadaway and respect them and the people who drive them. ;o) xxxx

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