Preston April

Sorry I have just put this report of the April Preston meet on now, I have just been so busy.
The weather wasnt that bad when I set off from Sunny Cumbria, but the sky darkened the closer I got to Preston.

I was surprised but glad to see these tow nice Rods at the Meet even in the rain. The black and blown 32 looks great with the 12 spokes on. The Silver Hi-Tec is a fresh out car and was stunning, though has the controversial front shock mounted to the top a arm set-up. This car has some amazing attention to detail, and some real hi-tec tricks. The motor can be remote started and also the doors can be remotely opened to, I bet there is even more trick bits to be found, hopefully it will be dry next time and I can get a proper shufty.

Pop is a regular and is real nice, I love the look of the std rear arches.  30A Roadster was groovy, aint it weird just a few add on's and they take on a whole different look of classic, but a Q reg makes it a kit? One thing is for sure being Q this will be one sort after Car/Rod in the future ;o)

It did rain this night, and I mean Rain like a monsoon at one point, some of us feared for Andy's intake and blower that they may of taking in some serious water and maybe cause the motor to hydraulic, one guy took the filters out and squeezed a massive amount of water, looked like he was wringing his socks out .o) That done the motor was fired up and ran fine.. Then Andy and Keith Freeman blattered off into the cold wet Northern night, togged up like they were about to climb Everest..

All to soon it was time to go yam, the Coupe looked real amazing as it sped off into the night...

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