Nostalgia Nats - Sunday go and Fly Day!

Whooo today I had entered into the previously unknown territory of  9 cans of Stella and 3 pints of Grolsch aftermath syndrome owww my heed! I don't know what they make tents out of, but it is an amazing material that's for sure. When its cold outside its freezing inside and when its hot outside it is fukkin unbearable inside.. whaa that is some stuff.

I woke at 7:30am and already the sun was battering into the claustrophobic tent that I had fallen into last night! really the very last thing I wanted to do right now was to get up, all I wanted was sleeeep peace and sleep.. Please.. *groan*... "I ain't ever going to do that again" I  said out loud to myself. Oww Man, why is it we have to have pleasure followed by pain?..

I managed until 8am and that was it, the pain of trying to sleep in that unforgiving heat, was far worse than my woozy demeanour! Sod it lets try and get up! I fumbled around and found my contact lens case... ahhh haaa in my drunken stupor I had ripped one of my contact lenses clean in half.. great start. I am gonna be squinting and looking like Johnny one eye all day. I was so dammed uncomfortable and it was getting worse. I eventually managed to find my way over to the bogs, emptied a very full barra ahh did that feel a lot better, a wash and a brush up and things were getting no so bad!

Odgies cool Bobber

and crazzee A coupe I love em!

Once back outside I even managed a couple of photos of Rods with one eye. I have been trying a new experiment from my opticians, one lens for long distance and one for very close up stuff. As I am short sighted and the lens I fukked was my short vision one, it sort of felt normal Hey Hey things are feeling ok now!


I made it back to the tent to cast scorn on it and dump my washing tackle there.. and I was greeted with a "do you want a ride in my car mister" from Andy *Fadster*  I guess most know Andy, he has the wild 400ci Blown Fad T.. "Oh yes" I said "that would be real Cool. Might clear my head some more to". Furrrkin Ellllllll once out on the road it was like being punched up the arse and in the chest at the same time. Jeeezz talk about tunnel vision,  now that is one wild and fast Rod. Felt real firm and safe on the road, but whaaa did it ever cover the ground fast. The whine of the blower just makes you smile, it felt quite... yeah "Quite" civilised keeping it at normal speeds, then Whaaa Haaaa Haaa when Andy mashed it Ohh boy all bloody Hell broke loose it was just so mind bogginly fast it made me laugh out loud ha ha ha ;o)... We both arrived back at camp, with roadster quiffs and I kept smiling all day... Cheers Andy.. I have some video footage but it has turned out a bit crap, maybe cus I was hung over I am not sure, but it is just of the road or sky ;o) nothing showing the T, so you don't get a real feel of the drive at all doh! 

When I got back I also got a shot of Odgies cracking BSA (see above), with suicide shifter (never used one before) it even had an uncorked exhaust pipe, ;o) If you ever get to have a look at Odgies bike you will see all sorts of fantastic details. Like the hand pump to oil the upper valve train and diddy chain lube'r, drilled brake arms etc etc.. its proper Cool. I had a good old ride round on it, to be honest I could of ridden it all day, I just didn't want to give it back. Great stuff!

Fresh from out the desert by the look, shame if left like this over here would take just a few short years and it would return to its natural state of Ferris oxide... I wonder what stories this Car could tell.. Cooler than a nuns sandwich!

After that me & my athletic mate Bakey went and queued for breaky, guess what they had run out of friggin eggs... well ya wouldn't expect a cafe to have eggs really would you, not in the morning anyway Terrrrrrrr... So it was a bacon & sausage bun and a large coffee.. I was definitely starting to feel better now. When the eggs did arrive later, we had a full English to wash the bacon and sausage bun down... er  like ya do!  Well 2 breakies and 4 cups of Coffee I was brand new.. ish! We were joined by Hot Rod Celebs, Langy, Brizey and Lord Purple with their chicks, while we had the full English which was a real nice way to start the day off !

Roaring Rat paired against Desert Rat (Foreground is Ian Young's much abused over the weekend A Sedan, ex CC Feature Escort and nice low Pop) .

It turned out to be a weird day, though there seemed to be plenty of Rods about, but there was virtually none lining up to race up the strip? But at least that gave me an excuse to look round the pits and chill a bit. Though it was fantastic to see Roaring Rat drive through the pits and line up against the 37 Chevy Gasser Desert Rat.

It was good to see not everyone  rides on Crossplies it's good to have different styles I recon..

but you cant deny even a glass Rod looks cool low and with crossy's eh!

There were loads of cars I hadn't seen before sat in the pits, 34 was real nice

and a 29 A looks like it has some genuine Hallibrands on it Cool.
The A belongs to Malcolm Farrant from Newton Abbott in Devon, so I have now been informed by Alan Martin (40Stude on the NSRA) who also in fact... er owns the 40Stude sat next to the A. The wheels are early ‘kidney bean’ Halibrands, that have been borrowed from his brother Matt’s 29 A roadster pickup while he’s away touring Australia, NZ and the States. Malcolm’s roadster runs a SBC and a Halibrand quick change rear end.

My all time Drag Racing Hero was there Al O'Conner putting down some cracking times in Al's Gasser. Rodding Royalty for sure, you gotta be Royalty to have someone as respected as Ginner pushing your race car to the track for you eh! ;o)

Though the Ratty style Rods are great to look at and do really blow me away with their radical look.. ya canna beat a nice finished one can you ;o)

Sometimes I do think you lot are car mad! Hot Totty!

Hot Roddy ;o)

Hot Street Roddy ;o)

Hot Carberotty *now ya getting silly!
Crackin (I cant bring myself to use the word Bitchin it sounds so cliché) A coupe now with some paint and A look absolutely bang on, dig that crazy intake.

28A Coupe is just  Mad and looks a bag of fun

I make no excuse for having 3 photos of this great looking 30A Coupe I just think this is a cool photo, also it has a picture of my mate Odgie walking by with Caz.

I love that arm out crusin look nice 32 to

.. Not seen this wild standard length bed Pick-up before neat!

Pure 60's style Willys Gasser pick-up, brightens up any Drag Strip

I must admit I was shocked to my boots when I saw this err.. sectioned and heavily channelled 30A roadster. Especially when I looked in the cab :o) whooo Boy now that takes some bollix to drive I would say Wild Jalopy for sure.

Guy has that roadster quiff and though the car ain't even moving looks like he is honking on! I really wanted to have a crack with this guy but, ya know when you really know what ever you say you will sound a pillock... well I felt like that. He was doing some repair to the gear box. I am not sure if this is run on the street, you gotta love the style not sure the Man will though ;o)

That was about it really from what I can remember, we downed camp fairly early and decided to make an early start for home. Not before a look round the camp site though eh!

Some wild Stainless fetish going on here

and one of the most used Rods, Keith Freeman's 32 wearing it's shredded rubber with pride.

Man I love hard looking Trucks and they don't come much harder than this do they!

5 into a Roadster does go see!

It was still so stifling hot, we drove back with the window's open then the clouds darkened and thickening to the north whoooo things looked very severe ahead. Then it hit us, a flash flood and a thunder storm.. how refreshing... Now Bakey's window wouldn't wind back up. So we got off the motorway and parked under a flyover so Bake's could fix the window. ;o)

He opened his boot to get the required Tool to sort out the problem, easy fix he said, done it loads of times.. he dropped his expensive polish and the top came off, splashing his kegs.. That I think started the rot, he flung it against the wall shouting facking thing ahhh.

Now I bet you are ahead of me here eh, that easy fix done it loads of time job, was not done 1/2hour later and Bakey was red with heat and anger, he pulled, he rived, he twisted, he clicked, he rove some more and still the bloody door handle would'nt come off. He was sat on the shitty floor and he was getting madder and madder.... er and so was I.

My miss's had booked us out for a meal and I had to be home by 6:30 and we had now wasted over half an hour and still we were no where. "Look Bakes its just rain, lets leave it before you break it".... "I'VE GOT IT NOW" he barked, grrrr "no I haven't, bloody thing done it loads of time.. Oh frig it I give up!"

We loaded the boot back up and he slammed it shut, jumped in the car, slammed the drivers door shut to and the stubborn handled that no matter what he did Bakey couldn't get it off...... er fell onto the floor ;o) If we hadn't been so wound up, you know I think we would of laughed ;o)

This brightened up our drive home in the rain a real straight 58F100.

Well to cut a long story short, we got soaked going home, loads of flash floods loads of slow traffic, lots of jams and I never did get home in time to go out for tea ;o) Whaaa Whaaaa

But man was it a great weekend, met some bazzing people again, saw some fantastic Rods, got a ride on Odgies cool Bike and a wild ride out in Andy's Fad T,  I really felt like I had been away.. Fan bloody tastic.. Cheers NSRA guys and galls for putting on such a great event and Thanks to all the People who took their Rods there, even if you didn't run them up the strip.. I thank you all, I love this scene!

Hey and stop press: I managed to get hold of a massive collection of Rockabilly and Pyscobily tunes about 200 of them by the look and I am really getting into the sound. The Quakes I really like, but I have the Guana Bats, Klingonz, Deadbolt and the Defectors to name a few and are excellent even a bit Punky and it will defiantly be booming out my F100 when it's done.... Now that sort of music I would love to hear at all Rod Runs, not that fuking 50's old shit I have heard and heard and heard since time began Boring... this stuff is fresh it s new its alive!! ;o)

To me Rockabilly and Pyscobilly is Hot Rod music!! Yeah Cats!
I will not be sporting turn ups though... well not yet anyway ;o) Love you Holmsey xxxxx !

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