Knutsford Cruise July

 By Ian Gray (Dally)

Received a phone call from my mate Floody that the Knutsford cruise was on., Floody’s an old biker mate who’s just bought a stock 57 Ford Stepside with a lovely patina to it. We were at the Bulldog Bash last year checking out the Rods when Floody spotted Al & Sturdy Birds Trucks and decided there and then he wanted a Pickup. A week later he’d sold his Buell and turned up in his new acquisition. Floody was setting off at 6pm to get a spec as he said it would probably be overflowing by 7.30pm (the official starting time). I said I’d catch him there as I was going on my Bonnie so parking was not an issue. The Knutsford cruise is at the Nags Head on the A556, just off Junction 7 of the M56. I just missed the turning into the car park, but managed to pull up in the lay by opposite and roll back. Turning in I was met by Graham from American Automags who was directing traffic as it was almost full already. I found a space next to Odgie and his mates bikes which are glorious examples of class on a budget.

Looks like a 20’s bike but in reality is a bitsa, 30’s JAP motor, tiger cub rear wheel, Yamaha front, no kickstart (or electric for that matter) ?. Note the ally multi purpose pudding bowl helmet used as a sidestand…nice! Had a quick chat with Odgie’s mate before he left at 9pm asking him how he was gonna get back to Preston (40 miles) without lights. Answers on a postcard please!

First Rod to catch my attention was Paul Kennedy’s 33 Willys, looking good as ever in the evening sun.

There were a few of stock cars intermingled with the Yanks and Rods but I guess that will always be a problem in a Public House car park. Also, I can’t knock people for turning up to view the cars after all I turned up on a Motorbike. There does seem to be more bikes turning up at Rod meets now, which I don’t think is a bad thing providing they are period. Which a lot seem to be with the re-emergence of the Bobber. After all were all petrolheads and I know a lot of bikers who love Rods too. Just outside the Pub was a lovely Model B sedan. It looked like a brand new car with a gorgeous Cream leather interior and polished 5 spokes (the ultimate wheel for me).

Just like an Animal Sanctuary with Cougars and Mustangs and summat prowling around in the background

Whilst I was wandering round a Hummer came rolling into the car park, not my cup of tea but it certainly made an entrance due to the size of the thing.

And it’s for sale, yours sir for a measly £50.000. Shucks! I forgot to get the phone number. Wandering further up the entrance there was quite a selection of 60’s-70’s yanks. It amazes me how folk keep their cars in such good condition.

Early Vette, AMC Javelin, Mustang, (now I’m struggling), Oh and there’s the top of Floody’s truck at the back.

Next motor to come burbling in was a lovely late 30’s Dodge coupe another car that looked as though it had just come from a showroom. Hats off to the builder of that fine piece of machinery.

Spotted a lovely Model A that I have seen around before and probably everyone knows but it was worthy of a picture so here it is.

The last time I went to the Knutsford cruise was when it had just started. It was at a different pub later in the year and I was the only Rod to turn up. Which kinda put me off for a while. Now though it is buzzing and a lot of the faces I’ve seen at the Preston Meet were present. This Cruise (Cruise? Who said cruise? Nobody moved) was the third Wednesday in the month which was added to the usual meet of the first Wednesday. I thought it was busy but was reliably informed that usually it is even busier. I’ll certainly be going again.

Time for bed Zebedee says to Dougal as the sunsets slowly on another glorious day.

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