Hot Rod Hayride

Not got any write-up, but Bob Luxford has just sent me these photos from the Hayride meet. It is strict pre 69 I think or could be earlier? and no Hi-Tec style Rods. It is more aimed at the Trad and bare bones Rods. I guess this shows the healthy state of the Rod scene in the UK now, that there are enough about to have certain style only meets, which is great in my eyes.. I get a bit peeved sometimes at a Rod run and the line of Rods and cool trucks is broken by a modern often std Yank or something that really is not in the style of Rodding.. don't get me wrong I do enjoy seeing Hi-Tec Rods to. But there sure is something electric about seeing bare bones Rods and people who look the part where ever you look, chuck in some hard core Rockabilly or Physcobilly and it does give a Rod meet a certain atmosphere eh!!.


I guess everyone knows by now I am a very bad Rod spotter, but I am going to stick me neck out here ;o).. I haven't seen this blown Flattie powered 31A coupe before, look hard as fuk with its low lights and black steels a nicely chopped top.. No channelling is nice to see amongst the recent trend to channel to extremes.. Real sweet looking Blue 29 with deuce grill site nice with shiny 56 Mercury hub caps.. Ha Ha.. do you think I sound like I half know what I am on about now?? yeah?... no ;o(  Just tell me to shut up if I am talking drivvel..

32B Truck of Mark Gee looks.. just soo damn right, he sure can nail a cool car together carn he! Mellisa rattle canned the prof paint job so I hear, as it looked to perfect.. now that is class.. The Oxide colour and white works perfect, set off with stainless *cough* or are they chrome *ahhhh* hub caps ;o) Theresa Butlers pink and black 29A coupe is a real snazzy Hot Rod.. just everything about it says unashamedly I am I Girls Hot Rod... Great to see! Lets see more if they are as tastefully done as this one.

Not Sure who owns this cracking 5 winda 32, with a real nice looking Flattie motor,, with full moon disc's.. real nice Job. I do like my full fendered and std roof height 5 winda's... Coool!

Looks like 28/29A Roadster this has been built a while. Has all the right Trad bits for sure.. someone has resisted chopping the screen , though a deuce grill and lack of hood does give a Rodded look. but what do I know.

And to round it off a scrambler chop ;o)

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