Goodwood Breakfast Meet - October 2006

 Photos & Comments from Simon Phillips And Dan Bolton

The Goodwood motor circuit ran a series of breakfast meets during 2006 (1st Sunday of each month), with the last one of the year having an 'Americana' theme which was right up our street. Appropriate cars get preferred parking near the café & track, and it seems anyone driving something interesting gets into the paddocks which makes for plenty of shiny motors to walk round. Earlier events were apparently rammed full but the wet weather for this one may have put some people off - nevertheless there were plenty of cars and a relaxed atmosphere all morning. After driving through torrential rain and wind to get there, Goodwood itself stayed dry and the sun even broke though to shine off the chrome and flake. You could get a full brekkie for top dollar at the café but the rodders choice was tea & bacon roll at the upmarket Goodwood burger van, nice grub. Lord March obviously takes an active interest in the events and was strolling around all morning looking at the cars. Big thanks for opening up your 'garden' for us - let's hope it becomes a regular event. Oddly, there were rubber marks in the road outside the circuit afterwards....

Being local to Goodwood a few Victory Wheelers gathered for the 25 mile cruise down, while other members went straight to the circuit (pic: DB)
Clouds were looming and we were hit by some serious rain on the way (pic: DB)
This is more like it- a beautiful classic Corvette, and Mark Churcher's Caddy on pole position by the café entrance - looked amazing under the dark skies
Varied line up, with Goodwood's period-style pits in the background. Local rodders Mark Bull and Kev Rooney took the short hop across to Goodwood
Mean & moody satin black '57 Chevy, which was with the gleaming New Yorker - imagine being able to buy that factory custom from the showroom with those lights and grille!
Not all cars were Henry's favourite colour - John Martinez yellow & tubbed, and bright orange convertible
Ian McCoubrey gets to every show in the country it seems. Dave Williams out & about with a car full of buddies
Wheelers member Mark overslept but joined us later in his '32 roadster. Rain was too bad for Ray's fad-T, so it was the faithful Ranchero instead (pic: DB)
One of the stars of the show, amazing flake and striping on this Bonneville - up from Kustom Kolors in Poole. Complete opposites, this bone-stock 30/31 A fordor put-putted in with a real old patina of peeling paint
How this guy landed a plane with all those Corvettes in the way I'll never know! Pits made a cool backdrop for this tri-five Chevy
Our early start wasn't early enough as the 'Vette owners club had beaten us to it!
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