Drayton Manor, Sunday:
You show me and I will show you day

Woke up bright and breezy the day was misty but at least it wasn't raining. I didn't hear or see a lot of movement from the Rods around us early on as usually happens.. maybe cus it was not very good weather to be waxing you car.. so most just took their time I think. Though day visitors looked like they were filling the field at a rapid rate of knots. I had a belly buster breakfast and waited my turn to use the caravan's facilities ;o)

By the time we were ready for our onslaught of the field it was full to almost bursting, and so was I.. I was straining at the leash to get looking round. I think we managed a full tribe to look round the show field. I like to do a quick sortie round the assembled cars, then a slow look round the trade stands, then a slow look round the cars I liked, then another look round the Trade stands I maybe wanted to buy something from.... needless to say I got to do most of it, but our pack dwindled as the day went on. ;o)

The Northern Hot Rod Club run by Mickey Tebbs is growing at a pace with some superb Rods to boast amongst its ranks already. The NHRC jackets were seen on the back of some very respected Rodders. Nicky Tebbs Roadster is looking superb now it has had a make over Tebbs'y style... Now you all know by now I am a proper numpty, you know I don't do it for effect it just comes natural.. and just in case there was any doubt... let me tell you a couple of stories ;o).... "Hey Mick the flamed bonnet looks great mate"... "yeah, it took hours and hours, we used mdf and Nick marked out the flames and I laid on some fibreglass and then let it dry and did the same the other side until it was thick enough, then spent hours and hours cutting it out and smoothing the flames".. "what a  good job" I said,, "did you use a plasma cutter?" "er no" Mick said "I used a jig saw?"... whaa whaa. "ooh yeah of course" Its fibreglass ya numpty.. fuk I did it again ;o) I think sometimes, I either don't hear what they say or it don't register or maybe I get nervous... not sure.. but I sure wish I could be clever sometimes.. hey and that aint the best one... I'll tell ya about that later.. in the meantime some more cars....

30A Pick-up had some nice touches, 40s Coupe looked sooo right, I love how the hood peaks where it opens and the skinny red steels look hard.

Trevor Gardiner from  Suffolk a member of the TOGAS Club had the Diggers Express C-cab a Drayton all  weekend. This 32 was so clean.

I have deliberately left this picture big... just have a look... ;o)... the young lad in the silver 34 Tot Rod is bored wittless and wants to get going.... now look at the young lad in the flamed one... he has other things on his mind, follow his eyes..... Ha Ha .... gu lad .. a man after my own heart..

Car mad you lot!!

I was real pleased to see some nice chops at Drayton. A nice Chop and my Truck done and I could die a happy man... ;o)

Gary Swain gives them realistic flames a polish, they do look amazing in the flesh that's for sure. Saw it going home on a trailer.. before the show had finished?

This was the first look at the Nats giveaway truck.. I must say there is a lot left to do, but it does look like it will be a great prize for sure.. I was tempted to buy £30's worth but I have no way of getting to the Nats and the stipulation is you have to be there in person to collect your prize.... ;o( I would love it as a daily hey I guess so would many other people..

I loved the style of these two rods, The Highboy coupe and the Liddle Austin 7 Ruby just looked so ace!

The Fishtail pipes turned on their side made me look twice.... er dare to be different, Legend on the rear says " On hire from Lucifer's Autos" Working without a care for the Community... Rodders are such wags eh ;o) . Dooster B had some mad touches like the Jim Beam catch can/bottle and wild air intake pipes, the brass Duval screen and lowered roof make it look wild, add booby lights and pizza cutter wheels and tyres and we will forget about the ifs eh.. Cool!

Paul Heywood's little Red Roadster, Yella Roadster is Pez's who can just be seen with his trade mark bandana on.

I was taking a shot of one of my favourite Rods this wild 60's style 32, when I noticed the shot shows some of the diversity of the show field.

Great looking F1 was driving round all weekend and was gorgeous. So was the wild painted 49 Merc of Paul Stamp.. seen here with my old mate Mike Noble smiling his head off ... Smiling and guess what he had just been doing? Well he saw and ad in Custom Car for a 29 Model A Steel body... just what Mike wanted for his 29 Model A chassis... so he got up in the wee ours and drove up to North Scotland... to find when the guy opened the garage door what greeted Mike was a 30/31 not a 29/29 as he wanted... 500miles to find that out.. apparently there were two ad's in Custom car from the same guy and the captions got a little mixed up.. so instead of wasting the day totally Mike had driven onto Drayton.. gutted and a bit knackered with still a big journey left to get home to Plymouth, but he and his girlfriend were still smiling..

Cars were arriving most of the afternoon like this A Delivery and the neat pop

It was while I was watching the late comer Rods roll in, I spied someone I have not seen since I had my 34, a fellow 34 sport owner, I had met a couple of times in the past.... "Hi Mate" I said "how you doing?".. "err I am ok" he said back... Hum? maybe he doesn't recognise me as much I do him, I thought.

"Have you brought your car" I enquired, "er no" he replied, "why because it was forecast rain" I said.. "No" he smiled. "I am doing work on it", "ahhh" I said.. "It is a stunning car you know, I saw it at Billing and didn't realise it was yours".. "Oh" he said "thanks"... "did you build it all yourself?".. "yes" he said.  "When I saw it's début at Billing I was knocked out by it, I wondered what you had spent your 34 sport money on"...... He looked at me a bit strange and said.. "er I think you have me mixed up with somebody else?" I looked at him and then it twigged.. Oh bugger.. "sorry mate you have the green Pop don't you , you dress up as Captain Scarlet ,, jeezz sorry mate, I do know you now,  for some reason I thought you were Keith Murrel" Ha Ha warra numpty..I tried desperately to get myself out of this embarrassing situation and got a real feeling of deja vue .... I really do need help. This is what scares me, people come up and talk to me sometimes and I have no idea how I know them or who the fuk they are ;o) I do get confused.. I now wonder if I will recognise Keith if I see him, who I always called Gary anyway, on accounts I knew of a Gary Murrell who was a Banger driver hey ho eh Ha Ha...

The Rear of this 1960 Olds was superb

There were many Yanks on the show field, these two I thought worthy Chevy II is stunning same as the 1960er ish ;o) Chevy er Biscayne?

Soon it was time to pack up camp and leave.. here are just three of the Rods not on the show field. Behind me are two real nice 40's Fords also not on the show field, one a cabriolet and a nice peach coloured one aswell. Well an update: one of the 40's Fords was a 37 and owned by Eric Hollins the Peach coloured one was a 40 owned by Tony Whitehouse so I was 50% right so pretty good for  me eh ;o) Oh and they were both on the show field all day I just didn't see them Terrrr typical me again..

This real nice 32 coupe owned by Del, had parked up with the afore mentioned 40 & 37 Fords when we got back from our look round the show field. should of been on there.. I wonder why the owner never stuck it on the field? mind you I am not into Trophies at all and all that goes with them, as I have said many times I think they cause all the bitchiness within our Hobby.

The winners are


(Sponsors in brackets)

Best of Show. Steve Fletchers Woody (Custom Car)

Top 10.
Stuart Revils, Fleetside Pickup.(Roadsure)
Richard Parkers Black 39Ford (Ace Café)
Pete Whitesides 36 Ford (Rod Kult clothing)
Andy Holdens, Blown Black 32 (Meguiars)
Mick Paynes, Fordson Van (Chris Bunting)
Krazy Horse Blue Old Timer Chopper (Duksville)
Bob Booth Gold Model A (Rod Bodys)
Dave Harris Orange Pop (Rod Bodys)
Ray Young 57 Nomad (Rod Bodys)

Top Debut. Tony Graysons, Silver 34 Coupe

Runner up. Terry Howes 39 Coupe

2nd runner up. Brian Watsons Flamed 39 Humpback

Sunday only Award,. Gary Chesters Black n Flamed 32

Runner up. Simon Fox VW Beetle

NSRA Pick Brian Watsons 47 Ford

First Timer. Soann Strickson & Anglia

Old Skool. Lee Perrys Granada Wagon

UKK. Paul Stamps Purple Mercury.

Pods memorial award, Steve Fletchers Woody

Complete Autocares Grass Roots award. Mike Kinsels Consul Classic Capri

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