Drayton Manor: Saturday -
Memory relapse day

I was talking with my miss's and I was saying how I never got to talk with anyone much or have a walk round the stuff like I usually do. She said "you did" ??? then I remember some stuff that I hadn't written about ;o) Numpty!!

Dave Cox's fresh out Delivery, Bob Booths ohh so nice A Coupe and Nige Lockley's hi-Tec 34 having a drive round on the Saturday

Had a crack with Bob Booth Pete and Sandra Whiteside and Dave Cox and had a good look round their cars to. Also had another look round Steve Fletcher's mind blowing woody... simply awesome peice of workmanship..

I can remember having a good chin wag with Frank from Karma Kustoms www.karmakustoms.co.uk he was telling me a tale of two old gents coming to buy a Roadster body from him. The said gents were from Brooklands and want to build it Hot Rod style with a rumble seat to take visitors up the Hill in. It is going to be matt black, fenderless and open engined. they said they have a motorbike and sidecar they do rides in and after seeing, the Hot Rodders enjoying themselves so much at Brooklands they wanted to build a proper Hot Rod in the old style so people have a choice of a ride in a Hot Rod or the Motorcycle and sidecar cool eh!

The Saturday at Drayton is a real laid back kinda day with some real cool cars driving round, people having a Barby, a beer and a chill out. Though many go for the wild rides in the Theme park or a quiet look round the zoo... Drayton is a great venue.

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