Drayton Manor: Saturday Cruise -
Mammas taking us to the zoo tomorrow

Stunning Humber Pullman fresh out from Burnham Autos, head to the Cruise venue where a barbecue was laid on.

Shaun Crowe cruises by the cruise to go join on the end

Woke around 9:30am with a rather thumping headache.. and really didn't want to get out of my pit at all, the rain was hammering down and looked like really putting the mockers on the days events. I wasn't here to spend all day in bed though, even if I was comfy and the weather was kak. Was rather strange not being in the wood this year, as in previous years the heavy thunder and rumble of uncorked V8's was usually none stop from about 8am, this day they were noticeable by their absence. Well not entirely absent, but not the constant rumble as previous years, I put it down to being more out in the open and most being that bit further away than they are in the close confines of the wood, which creates an atmosphere all of its own. The heavy rain was now just a light drizzle, but I could see many rods around where we were, that looked like they had no intentions of moving a wheel today, well not in the rain anyway.

Neat blown? not sure what it is, first thoughts is a Vanguard but what do I know, Update it is a Humber Hawk owned by Ben Pritchard ;o) Dusty takes the coupe out on the cruise, the only way to enjoy the weekend is to do as much as you can, like the cruise.

I had a spiffingly good breaky like ya do when you have dragged ya home from home down with you, you can do this. My miss's would not entertain camping in a tent, hence the caravan and I must admit once there they are sheer luxury, Hot water, comfy bed, shower, flushing bog.. cooking facilities you name it, it is all there. I was somehow on edge and eager to see the cruise leave or look round the assembling cars at least, but it was shower and hair straightener time, again for my 2 princess's, which needed a constant back and forth for me, fill the genny up with fuel, start it up , change the water barrels, empty the bog and so on and all I wanted to do was go see the cars ;o)

Eventually the whole tribe was ready, right who's coming to watch the Cruise? nobody not a one, that's the problem when you go to a rod run with people who are not really into it.. Only me again,  at least Craig Dixon who was camping across the way was up for it. Craig doesn't live to far from me and is building a big blocked 32 Roadster, so he is someone who understands what it is all about. The whole tribe wanted to go to into the Theme park so that's what they did, while me and Craig came to do what we went to do, join in the Hot Rodding.

More of the cruise line up nice to see some Brit tin.... er but even nicer to see a Hardcore USA fenderless pick-up, Suzy and Pike sure do use their pick-up, I saw it on the move more than any other motor over the weekend.

Hard Core Brit Pop owned by Paul Nicholls goes for a jaunt.

Rather neat Roadster, I haven't seen before, I don't think? mind you memory is crap.

We decided to watch the Cars drive out then we would tag on the end and have a look round at the Cruise venue. While quite a few cars did the cruise, quite a lot didn't, which was a disappointment to me, must of been a slap in the face for the organisers who put in so much effort and negotiating to secure venues to cruise to.. But that's just the way it is.

Jago bodied by the look "Tickle ya Fancy" 5 window was fresh out I think.

And yet more go on the Cruise. Then at the Pub, Shaun "Gasket" Wilson helped supervise the Rods parking ;o)

The cruise venue was a real nice country pub with a couple of largish car parks, and a larger grassy area to put even more cars in. Most of it was full so maybe a good thing everyone didn't decide to go on the Cruise. There was a barbecue well underway, and the pub also did meals. Craig queued for a burger while I fancied a shandy.. the queue for the bar was out tha door, so I decided to just look at the cars instead and get a beer back at camp.

This stunning piece of Pin triping was done by Chris Bunting, he also added the colour and drew on the flames on Brain Watson's revamped 47 Ford.


Big Man Moose's blown big block Ford, with remote blower, and 32 coupes blown sbc is nicely done.

This is the motor from *Tickle ya fanny* sorry Fancy! 5 winda, engine was nice and neat. 51 F1 was a peach

The vehicle I give my, "would most like to drive home award "goes to Stuart Revils stunning and perfect 50's  Fleetside Chevy pickup. The finish is mind blowing and just all the right touches, how do they do that, how do they get them so jaw droppingly flawless?? Hey mister will ya do my truck for me ;o)


Time to get back to camp and some looked like they were in a rush. Ya gotta respect Tony Grayson in the perfectly built Hi-Tec coupe, which is a piece of Hot Rodding sculpture for sure, but what is truly amazing is... its a Dooster. The builder has cut no corners and has made a stunning job of it. He aint afraid to use it either, Rain or shine it is used. I took some more photos of it, but I am beggered if I can find them??

This low Fordson was damn quick, jeez it flew up the road like a scalded cat and was for sale not sure if it found a new owner but quite a few were talking about it

Once back at camp, we had to find our families and do the family thing, which I really enjoyed as my 2yr old grandson was just amazed and loving it all, the Theme Park is great and well stocked also the Zoo is a good way to spend a few hours. The town which is just 1/2 a mile up the road and has loads of choices for food eat in or takeaway, so we went there and took away a Chinese

Though impressive to see, this guy must of done a 12 sec quarter up the main street naughty naughty. Last year there were speed (tax) camera's just a few yards up the road... luckily not there this year... not sure that the locals would be as impressed as I was though ;o)

Then it was the getting ready to go out routine again, we knew we had to get up to the club house early as it gets absolutely rammed to bursting on a Saturday night, where was time going?? I had hardly spoken to anyone and not really had a look round the cars either. This did not feel like any other Drayton for me, it was more like a caravanning weekend.

Still the band is usually good and everyone will be in the club house so I can have a crack with a few Rodders then eh!

Saw this for the first time on the way to the Theme Park. What can you say, I had heard about Steve Fletchers Woody, but nothing prepared me for its awesome perfection,  the engine bay and the Gabe (yes that Gabe) interior is just astounding. The whole build of the car is just the best I have ever seen.  The car was built here, I think by Fletch and then shipped out to California to Gabes for the interior then put in the AMBR show in California, where it won something like best Woody now how cool is that and it will sweep the boards here to and deservedly so, it is sheer perfection.. my jaw has still not closed fully yet from seeing it.

When we got there, about 9pm, the disco was in full swing, but things did not look good, the stage had no space for a band to play?? We got a large line of tables ready for the usual wild Saturday night... but it didn't feel right? No Band, not many people about either, I mean there was a few, but not rammed like all the other years, where were they all? I guess most decided to stay with their mates and party back at camp, the place was roasting to, it was a warm night and the heating was on so no wonder. The place seemed to fill up a bit later as there was a queue for the bar every time I went, but it still felt quiet, not sure why? I think it just lacked that atmosphere a live band brings to a do like this. But Rodders must be the hardest people in the world to please music wise, some only like what fits their life style, others only like what they think impresses their peers, some like Rock ,some blues, some soul, some 2 tone, some punk.. and on and on and some just have no taste at all ;o) So no matter what type band you have you will get some moan'y arsed sods complaining that's for sure.. Me I just like a live band, no matter what they play, it is something about hearing them play live I enjoy. One thing that did strike me as maybe the reason, there seemed to be a larger than normal Yank owners contingent around the camp site, maybe more into line dancing if ya know what I mean *hum*?

I spent most of the night outside cooling off, with my grandson as it was so stifling in the club house, what I did notice was the large amount of young ones, never noticed them before, and the bouncers were getting chatted up by the impressed teenage girls all night ;o)

I enjoyed my grandson saying I wanna see Hot Rod, and I would walk over to the camp site show him one then walk back. Then five minutes later do it all again and again.. So I never got to chat with any Rodders at all that night, but I did get some quality time with young Thomas my grandson.

We stayed again until chucking out time which by then the air-conditioning was starting to make a mark on the heating. I also saw a few Biker types there who stood out a mile to me, I saw them next day with a display of their bikes, on the Crazy Horse Custom bike stand which was great to see, but more tomorow about them.

 We had a few beers back at camp a good laugh, but security put a stop to that at 1:30am, as they told us to turn off the genny (a quiet Honda not a loud cheap one) best of it is most of the neighbours were in out awning anyway, but no genny no light so no more sitting in the awning. The next day the people next to us, said I thought you lot said you were gonna be noisy, we never heard a peep out of you, what not even our genny? no not even your genny, we heard it fire up then never heard it again.. hey ho eh ;o) The Security guys were nice enough about it though and only doing what they have been told to. They did say some nutters had lit a fire in the wood,  now that is scary and one sure way of us loosing the site.. But all in all everyone was on really good behaviour, with not a streaker in site!

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