Drayton 2006: Friday

Tain't the same going to a Rod Run in your daily, I hated to see all them daily's at Runs when I had my 34 Saloon now I am one of them Hot Rod groupies myself for all intents and purposes and I don't like it.. In fact if I didn't do this web site I wouldn't go, maybe just for the Sunday's as I don't like being a hypocrite.... but this year I was to be even more embarrassed about being there, as we really did look like the caravan club arriving.

But this is to be part of our family holidays this year, so we had a full tribe, My party included, my wife, daughter her boyfriend, my 2yr old Grandson, and my hard work Bull Terrier .. my best  mate Pudzz, his wife, daughter and her boyfriend and Pudzz's twin daughters finished off the entourage we have matching 4 x 4's and large posh caravan's.. When me and Pudzz go to the runs we do the rod run thing, but when you take so many people with you it becomes more a family holiday and the Rod run becomes secondary.

The NASC again secured a deal where you got free entry into the Theme park all weekend which is a massive saving as it is £62 a day for a Family, so hats of to the NASC and the Drayton Manor management for getting that for us.

One of the first sight was Bob Booth in his stunning A coupe, doing a spot of road side repairs. The float on one of his 97's had filled with fuel, that had to be gotten out and the hole filled. Now the hole to be filled was not the hole were the fuel got in oh no. It was the hole Bob had to put in the float to get the fuel out... even with a piece of kitchen roll wrapped round the float and some vigorous shaking could not find how where the fuel had got in... so a new arsehole was ripped into it to get the stuff out ;o).. some epoxy ( I think that's what he said) was used to make good and in no time flat Bob was back out cruising.. Hey look even when he is pissed off Bob can smile, one of Hot Rodding's true gents! who can nail a cracking Rod together to boot! *respect* I must also apologise to the young lady in the 57 Chevy who had to detour onto the grass to let us (the caravan club) passed and then got stuck on a manhole cover.. causing the cars occupants, one being Mad Mel http://www.therooster.info/  to bail out in and effort to raise the car enough to get unstuck from the offending cover.. 

Brian Watson newly painted 47 Ford with Chris Bunting applied Flame tips and rear boot pinstriping. (more later)

Drayton Manor has a different feel to any other Rod run, I have always felt it a very friendly Run where everyone seems to know everyone, I hoped this would be no different. The field at the bottom of the wood was open again this year and that was where we were going to put up camp. I warned the people next to us we may be noisy neighbours and they said that's no problem that's what Rod Runs are all about.

This was the view from my Caravan, here Dusty takes Paul Nicholls hard core Pop for a spin.

I didn't get to do my customary walk round the Rods this year, and I am not sure why. The time just seemed to vanish, no sooner had we arrived and it was barbecue time then club house time??? what little time I did have was spent just in the close vicinity of where we were camped. With us having our 2yr old grandson with us, I struggled. I let go of his hand to take a photo and hopefully have a crack with the owners, and quick as a flash he was off doing what kids love like throwing stones into any puddle he could find..

56 F100.............................................................. 50 F1
I had as good a look as I could round these two Trucks and managed to talk with the 50 F1 owner who was a real friendly guy and had made a stunning job of the build. It had a beautifully sounding flatty in it and he had towed the massive caravan in the background up from the south coast and at barely double figures fuel consumption wise, you have to be keen and admire guys that do this.. none of this, I came in the daily as the Rod (Truck) cost's to much....  I never got to have a crack with the Yella F100 owner.. I have since found out it is YellaF100 on the NSRA message boards Truck.. These were two of the best Trucks there... there was more to come though.... oow I do like my Trucks ;o

First job after my short look round was off to the local Asda for provisions. Dusty followed in his newly acquired 32. Saw this blown 32 tooling round looking like it was hunting for a victim and we left Drayton for Asda. Once back at camp, the cool ones were cracked open the 1watt stereo was cranked up to full power.... we was in Rod run party mode..;o) The plan was to have a few, then go to the club house have a few more and a crack then finish off in someone's tent or awning or where ever till the early hours like ya do.. But the thing is.. when you have two princess's like I do and Pudzz has 4 the allotted time to go to the club house..  becomes several hours later than planned as they have to get showered, pruned and hair straightened and the works.... me I was ready... in 5 mins. But had to wait for the length of time it takes to drink 7 cans *hic*... But we did eventually make it to the club house. It is usually a bit quieter on a Friday night, and this Friday it was fairly buzzing. With a good as you can get for a Disco booming out (to loud for me) the atmosphere was great I thought and our lot enjoyed it from what I saw. Me I would rather stand in the bar and talk Rods with people.. but that would not look very sociable to the rest of my family. Our Grandson enjoyed it bopping away to the sounds, and quite a few others I might add, Suzy, Pike and a few others came bounding in when a lively two tone song came on... which caused Suzy to fall off her rather large laced to the knee boots only Suzy could fall over so beautifully.. We stayed to the chucking out time at the club house, then finished off as planed in my caravan awning till about 2.30am I think. Nothing happened other than we all had a good laugh, well nothing I dare write about anyway..

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