Lord Purples Breakfast Run - September 2006

Photos from Andy House/Bob Luxford

Lord P's breakfast meet looks like it is getting busier every time we get sent some photos, with rodders from as far apart as Bristol and Southend there was obviously some cool rides to see.
Many thanks to Andy House and Bob Luxford for the pics.


'40 Pontiac fron Reading has been around a while, but still has that killer stance. Kev 'kapri' Rooney makes the most of his chevy.

Show winner '32 pickup still looks a bundle of fun to me. Chevy pickup looks like its been through the wars, but still runnin' !

Imported '37 Coupe looks sweet. Nick Barnetts hemi powered pickup has faultless paintwork.

Two different bodies, two different reds, which one would you take home ?

Andy Houses' '36 and a rare RHD version next to that hemi pickup... Recent Supernats winner popped out for coffee..

Dan Boone and Keith Atkinson both drive their roadsters as much as possible. The pickup won 'Managers Choice' from Frankie & Bennys

Its that pickup again! Maurice Takoors' T lines up against a heavily chopped series 1 chevy.

'In progress' sedan looks perfect for the late summer sun (no roof insert!). Home Grown Hot Rods 'shop truck' is already seeing big miles after going all the way to Euronats in Germany this year.

Clean coupe waits for some attention, whilst the sedan shows off its firewall and engine bay.

Dan Boones Deuce again, black '34 is a new one to us ?

A very cool line up, Andys 36 couldn't fit in, so here it is all on its own!

Lord Purple brought his personal valet along  to clean all the esembled shiny cars...

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