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The NSRA 34th Billing Fun Run: Saturday part 2, More Billing Fun!

Wow this is getting stoopid, why Cant I just do one of them one paragraph write ups and be done, then I might get some time on the Truck or wife for that matter ;o) This sure is taking over my life... hope I am not wasting my time doing it though?

Well here we go part 2 of Saturday, I got the call from Paul Heywood who is doing the Hot Rod DVD to meet him at Tootal's Stand. So I got me new frock on and spruced me hair, went into make up and was ready for my début on the small screen. I was papping em for sure,  but I so so wanted to do it. I didn't waste my time on the walk there either and found a couple of more cars to gawp at and photo.

Not seen this Purple Roadster before, I never saw it move all weekend I don't think it even went on the show field Sunday, Looked well put together, is it another Dooster? This T caused quite a stir amongst us all, so real sweet and proper Kookie 60's style and dead right. With its Flattie, multi carbs,  Lakes pipes, steels and cut off rear bed, real nice Modified and was to be one of the top ten pick come show day Sunday.

The New slimmer Geordie Paul, had one of his former builds on show, looking good as ever, that's the 32 and Geordie.  This is the exquisite 32 Roadster that Nige Stephenson from Blackpool built and then sold. Now sporting some real nice flames, this is one of the best UK 32's in my opinion and never got in the top ten?

Saw this A as I walked to Tootalls, the gun sight took my eye and the aces and eights looked like real cards as they were curling up at the edges, nice touch. It was nice to see Keith Atkinson's, 32 out again built by Keith and Langy see I told ya Langy was a prolific Rod builder and still fenderless niiiice!

Well it was now put up or shut up time, me on Video ha ha who would of thought it eh! I met Paul and Monkey (Tim) for the first time. they looked the part and were just admiring some nice work Tootall Paul had just finished on a Hard Core style Rod.
We mooched about to find a suitable backdrop for the interviewed. It was suggested on the banking by the river... er felt to open for me. So I suggested in a Car. One of Paul's mates had a ratty Pop... just the ticket I felt at home..

They asked me questions, with 2 cameras pointed at me,  I blurted out what ever my mouth came out with ;o) I didn't feel my brain and gob were linked much, but I wont make excuses, if you do buy this DVD or get to see a copy and I am in it, then that's me I guess. I said a couple of things wrong and missed out some things I should of said, but that's live TV for you Ha Ha. I did tell them if when they come to edit it. if they feel like I just spouted shyte then I wont be offended if that bit goes on the cutting room floor..

I now know what to expect and quite liked the experience really, and would leap at the chance of a little more self promotion given the chance. They say they have some great punchy music to go as a sound track so should be great. I Cant Wait.. Look out for a promo clip coming real soon.

That done I had time to look around the show field and traders on my own.. Greeattt

Young Matt Bennetts ace Pop, Son of Gary, they built a real nice Rod for him and is fully sorted with its Blown 4 banger, driven up from Cornwall.... then I noticed to my Horror... 59 Caddy rear lights frenched the same depth I have on my Truck damn damn damn... ;o)

It was great to see the Chopper Club there, they had some fantastic looking Chops on show, showing a few different styles which was refreshing. Not sure who this cool looking Dude is, but you can bet ya bottom dollar he is an artist photographer not the usual crap er like I do?  His bike was a bit circus'y though ;o)

I eventually got to have a proper look round Home Grown Hot Rods stand and ya gotta admit really some of the best put together hi end Rods in the Uk where here on show and Jon must be so proud to stand back and look at them and think WoW I built all of them.. And what is so blinding about Jon he has no snobbery about him at all, I do feel real proud to say I know him and can talk with him no worries. I nearly got a drive of the Truck it was promised, never did push the point though,  as I think JG was wanting it to stay right where it was, as an advert.. I did him hear someone ordered a shed load of stuff off him, then came up and cancelled at Billing, and the ship was already on its way... *hum? I don't think that set Jon's karma off to good start... So just soak up the Rods on show I thought best.

Red 32 std height Roof looked crazy, I do love the look of a std height roof, a channel job would be nice, stunning all the same though ;o)
Keith "Lord Purple" tries to earn some extra cash by pretending to be one of those human statues you see in Barcelona and York ;o)

John Unsworths I hear was built by Tim Hammond and with what looks like a Downs 37 Pick-up, is a mind blowing creation, must freak normal people out that have never seen a Street Rod before. A Hot Rod we understand, Normal people think its a crazy old Car, but a Hi-Tec Street Rod I think people out of the scene can appreciate more, as it is an old Car modernised. Lets face it Rods were originally built to compete and better the Factory built car of the day and that's just what Hi-Tec Rod do. I guess I am lucky I love all facets of our great Scene and appreciate the style and look of every single one of them, period correct or not. I am really just thankful someone has the Money, Time and where with all, to get stuff like this onto our streets. Well any Hot Rod, Street Rod, Truck or Kustom on our streets for that matter Cheers people. I love you all Ha Ha xxx

When I got back to camp, the Barby's were lit, the beer was flowing the music was on and the crack was buzzing. So after some of that,  it was the sprucing up  rigmarole again. After what seemed an eternity the girls were ready, for a bit of razzle up at the Billing Marquee. Not before my miss's did here Hokey Kokey routine in and out the Caravan again, before we could go.. We got there before it was dark and already there were plenty of people milling round outside.

A few Rods and Trucks etc had parked near the Marquee, and we were soon in conversation with people near us we knew. An East Enders script was brewing between my Daughter and her Boyfriend but we tried to ignore it.. Really the night just went on like that, there was no live band that was a major disappointment as the DJ played poo to my ears anyway. But when we eventually made it inside the place seemed pretty packed, so it must just be me who hates the music. Usually everyone is outside and no one is in the marquee, this year it was different or so it seemed.

Had some great crack with loads of people, as our mini drama grew apace. By now I was pretty wobbly, but Langy invited us back to his camp to have a shin dig as they were gonna have a jam session. To be honest I really was to pooped and piddled to behave myself, so wondered if I was doing the right thing. I didn't want to make a chump of myself in the company of people I admire and respect so when Pudzz decided he wanted to leave and go make some music of his own with his Miss's, I thought yeah maybe a good idea.. I might get my harmonica blown back at camp to ;o)

Yep it has been great so far, some absolutely stunning Rods on show and driving round, met some great people to... but the Sun was getting to many in our Tribe as the East Enders saga ended in real tears and much shouting,  wailing and gnashing of teeth.... It's all ok now, but at the time it was the end of the world... ;o) Kids eh who'd have em! 

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