Friday take 2
"Dont let the Sun go down on me"

This is actually a Saturday photo but I have loads for the Saturday write up. Mark & Mellisa Gee out for a trundle round in there cool Oxide PU

Well the hottest of Days I can remember was slowly cooling down now as the Sun was setting, I knew I had over done it, but it was to late as by now my skin was already tingling. So the cold of the night was very refreshing... aahhhhh that feels nice..

We had barbequed for our evening meal and the dryness of the days heat was finally being quenched with several very cold Cans of Foster's.. I had to leave my usual tipple of Stella at Home, as a night and day session on that loony juice... who knows what may happen. 5 cans and it is like someone takes the top of your head, and scrabbles all ya brain up, then slams the top back down with a Kabboom!!! So best stay on the cooking Lager while here eh.. Moi sensible.. *hum?* it would certainly seem so.

Spiffing Rod Journalist and Posh Bloke Lord Purple, stops by, trying to not act like a street Hawker,  But I couldn't understand his accent, so I have no idea what he was trying to flog.. Great looking Y cruises into the show field Sat evening.

Long Term and most respected  Rodding Journo Mike Key and wife, chat with Sue and Langy.... is there a feature coming up? I am not 100% sure but I think this is Mark Brackin in his wild 10sec Pop minus stickers... but then again I may be wrong, I often am. If anyone is a true Uk Rod anorak and you ever fancy helping me identify Car types, years, models etc and their owners.. ya know I would appreciate the help...

E-Bay find of Dave Brown's Lad, got for not to silly money, but having some overheating problems. Originally a Black Cab Taxi built in Blackpool. I can remember seeing this in its early days of construction, when I did a garage tour one night with Nige Stephenson.. Someone did a serious amount of work by the look and took a mega dip in the finances for it to!!

Just before the sun started to set, but the only photo I had of the area by the Marquee.

As dusk fell, some Cars started to rumble into the show field, while others were still cruising slowly round the camp site. We all went over to the Marquee see what was going on... and to be fair not a lot was? The Disco sounded loud and excellent quality, the music though was another story and made me cringe with embarrassment..... yep it was crap Ha Ha ;o) That aside there were some nice Rods lined up on the Field by the marquee and some cool looking Humans, just enjoying the evening crack, not sure if they liked the music if they did then Hey Ho who am I to disagree.

We walked back to where we were camped the long way and spent the rest of the night in our Marquee and believe it or not, this must of been the first time ever we never had the security come and tell us to make less noise.. Must of been the mixture of the Hot day and great outdoors air, that made us retire early to bed at only 1:30am, I am starting to worry now, early nights, weak beer, forgetting what people say to me... oh sheeet were is it heading.

This guy was running round all weekend in his electric powered disabled chariot, complete with neon's and smoke machine. I must admit when I first saw it, it cracked me up and I thought what a good sense of humour he must have... If you looked you were hooked into conversation, says he has, a jet one, a petrol one, his mate is coming who holds 100's of Guinness book of record, records ;o) He says he is an ex pro mod Driver, has a 570ci blown motor sat in his garage, maybe going into a invalid chariot to... bells are starting to ring in my head...;o) Yeah I have brittle bones, sure enough he did have an S shaped ankle.. where it had apparently healed badly from a fall when he was a professional football player for Chelsea... er Goalie he added.. Ok Time to go I thought ;o)

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