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The NSRA 34th Billing Fun Sun Run

This years Billing is the 34th year the NSRA have organised this great show for us all, and this year was to be without doubt the best ever. So are you sitting comfortably? get ya self a Beer, a Cuppa or what ever is your tipple of choice as this could be a long one......

This again was to be part of my families annual Holidays, a long weekend at Billing, sounded fine by me. This time I had my whole family there, my son, his wife, their 2 children (my Grand kids) my daughter, her boyfriend me and the wife. The NSRA organise a cheap rate for NSRA members and at £10 a night that sure is cheap rate. The Venue is superb with great facilities, soon as we arrived at the entrance of Billing, we were greeted by the sight of Rods. With the backdrop of the water sports lake in full swing, hundreds of people milling round, the thunder of V8's in the air, eye popping paint jobs and killer stance's ... we all knew this was going to be one Cool weekend.

As we rounded the small picturesque bridge, that sort of announces the start of the Rod camping area, we were greeted by a sea of Rodded Trucks, Rods and Yanks. Some had set up camp and were doing the cool one and a deckchair thing. While others were hurriedly trying to get camp set up so they could join them, to watch the other Rods arrive. Us being the caravan club tried to find a suitable place out of the way so as not to take up a prime spot that a Rod owner was more deserved of, er also my wife wanted us to be near, Water, showers and toilets ;o)

Red 34 with the shotgun scoop is always a favourite and Real Nice 32 owned and built by Mike Harrison has a 6/71 BDS Blown 350 with twin Holley's Ally Edelbrock heads, Cammed and Jammed with Roller Rockers even has an electric water pump so no power is robbed, driving the rear wheels through a 700R4.. hope its a tough one.. Man must this coupe boogie. The R4 must hint at the desire for a nice if fast ride, but to add a bit more it runs all four corners on air.. Cool eh! (Thanks Mike for the info).

We found a large area, and set up our camp, hopefully to be joined soon, by some of the people I have got to know through the e-mail group, that is linked to this web site. Anyone who knows me will vouch for the fact I am not the greatest speaker in the world and get quite self conscious and nervy meeting people for the first time. My Mr's says I don't socialise much anymore and so have lost the skill to communicate, other than with a computer... so I guess I do need to get out more ;o) But I was going to try and overcome my self consciousness this weekend and try and talk with people and hope I didn't spout to much crap.

Cool 56 F100 was camped by us sporting a genuine aircon unit on the passenger window. Owned by Dan Howell

That in mind, this real neat 56 F100 was parked right by us, so I made a point of striking up a conversation with its owner, a real nice lad in his 20's who gets why we do what we do, he had owned a Mk1 Escort before the F100, but always dreamed of a truck, his mate a cool looking dude with one of them Jazz goatees had a Mk1 still, so he has still to be educated. So it was nice to see young guys who are not fringgin knob heads as so many are, and have the love for our cars as we do. The lads father joined us who I have since found out is called Chris Howell, who I did recognise as someone I had met before.

My number 1 Grandson waves at the Rods and Trucks as they arrive, he really is into them. Elmo stops for a photo shoot in his roadster Truck

We soon got settled had a cool one or three and set out on a reccy mission to suss the layout and see what was about., it really does make my stomach turn over with excitement when I see Rods on the move.. its another world, Bikers may stick a finger up at society... were we have our own world, that society looks into with a strange look on it's face, as far as cars are concerned that is, we live in another Universe for sure.. ;o)


As we walked round (whole Family) there were more Cars arriving or just Cruising. I haven't done a Friday at Billing so this was a real eye opener for me to see it evolve into the packed venue it is by Saturday. Some I spoke to had been there since Wednesday. This Phone Booth T looks stunning in its Red Candy Paint and wire wheels, I am fairly sure this Rod has been on the scene since the 70's but been redone, either way it is still looking stunning with its wires, white interior and paint. It was great just seeing all the Cars arriving or just driving by. my 2yr old Grandson, loves my Motorbike and Truck and shouts Hot Rod Hot Rod every time he sees one, which always makes me smile he sounds so enthusiastic. ;o)

  I am pleased to see a few bobbers and Chops attending our Runs, as they are a passion of mine to.

Gold 32 is a Jerry Denning Built Rod, now owned by Jim Stewart and looking as good as ever. . These 2 top class 34's are owned by the coolest of cool looking young guys. Bit hard to tell from this photo but one is Dark Blue and one Black, the one with the taller rear tyres is black and was built by Keith Williams and is now owned by his son Dan [he's about 22].  The blue 'clone' belongs to Dan's mate Jamie and was also built by Keith, so I am led to believe. Real nice Rods, must be Ace being so young with such cool rides. The 'duvall' style screens on the roadsters are cast locally to Keith's design, for just another little snippet of info.

This gel coat 5 window deuce in the pic above [dark green chassis and jambs] is owned by Keith's youngest son Nick. Nick [ Dan's younger brother] did much of the work with help from Keith.

A thought came over me when I was looking at all the fender-less cars.... Man how do we get away with it? I just do not know how, but I sure as Hell am glad we do, they look so so cool. Steam Roller tyres may be a problem, but surely a pizza cutter crossply don't cause a problem do it? The argument goes something like, they aren't an MoT failure nor are they necessary for it, they are C&U and the law says a suitable construction to keep Mud and spray down. So if it isn't muddy or raining the weather conditions are doing the job, so mudguards/fenders are only needed in the rain ;o) I rest my case me-lud! Long may fenderless Rods Reign... me I would be to scared of a pull, so though I would love one, mine would have full fenders. *soft git*

 I had a bit of a crack with me old mate Gaz O'Conner, Frank from karma Kustoms the new lined Geordie Paul and some other guys I am not sure of their names. They were ribbing Gaz because him and Frank had been to the auctions and when Gaz was successful in a bid for a Diesel car he wanted... he opened the bonnet to find he had bought the one that looked like it and was petrol powered whaaa whaaa. Geordie piped up, " your a Pikey's you shouldnt get caught out like that" ;o)

If like me you have never been to Billing on the Friday this is what the Show field looks like without the Sunday crowd. Even all the Traders aren't set up yet, as Kerry Tate arriving in the Hemi Powered A testify's.

Celebrity Rodder and prolific rod Builder Langy (Steve Lang) gets driven round by his chick (Sue Manners) in her  stunning A Roadster PU.... somehow the experience has given him a limp wrist.  Joking apart, Langy sure does put a stunning Rod together, with attention to detail us mere mortals can only drop our jaws at.. Only the Rusty inner wheels to do now and it will be finished eh Langy :o) I hear new wheels are on their way soon.

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