Preston July

Preston seems to be getting some headway back to where it was a few year back before the move's. Its great now I have a couple of mates who live local who are into the Scene, no more billy no mates going to Preston. Our wife's enjoy the trip out to, they get a few scoops, a natter and a free chinky on the way home... I have a 55 F100, Bakey has a 55 Pop and Pudzz has a 32 Sedan (Rodded rep) .. it kinda cool zooming down to any meet when there are a few of you, so we dusted the old girls off and polished the Cars ;o)

Bakey & Pudzz to the old girls out for a Ride..... in their Rods ;o)

Its just a little over an hour away and the placed looked chocker when we got there, space was at a premium but we all managed to squeeze into a space each. There were loads of spectators to as the side carpark was full to the brim to, everyone was outside enjoying the last bit of sun.

The girls naffed off to the bar and we scoured round the car park.

Some new cars there and few familiar ones. Its a great place right by a main road so you get a good view as Cars peel out ;o)

I will let the photos tell the story now.

Cool 55 Chevy was always a regular nice to see it at the Lea Gate again.

Nicely put together MKII Consul

Hydraulics never fail to entertain.

Pete Whiteside is enjoying his latest acquisition 60's Falcon far to much to bother with them troublesome Rods eh ;o)

Pro Street Devon was cool.

I did like this Pop nice stance and I love the std width rear arches... coooool

Now ya talking my language a slammed Truck on big inchers..Grrrrrr

Neat Moggy pickup looked slick. Here The cops had just pulled in behind Keith Freeman... "can we have a word sonny?"

A regular is this real nice A sedan...

Wild Ride Nitro Express Fordson, the before pictures of this beauty would of even frightened off a police horse. The work that it must of taken to get this back into shape let alone so prefect is mind boggling!! "Respect"

A Jet bike.... well Jet's bike anyway. Jet is a member of the Chopper Club and has a 54 F100, also a good mate of mine. He just lives up the road. When Jet peeled out... his girl Ellise had to hang on real tight I can tell ya..

Crazy MogVolk...Sits nice and has some nice touches...

Now who copied who? My mate Pudzz was ribbing me I had copied with the rear tank and lights ;o)

I don't post many if any photos of Yanks on here, I try and keep it more to do with our scene (Rodding) but I just couldn't get enough of the front end of this Dodge... its brilliant some designer in the 50's had a real time didn't he.. ;o)

On the way back we always stop a few mile up the road for a portion of Prawn toast and some mini ribs just to round the night off.

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