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Young Matt's been messing with Photoshop with a photo of Keith (crosspring) Freeman's 32.

Ross Morrison's has just sent me these shots of this Chevy Fleetside Truck, guy built it but never used it. One of Ross's mates has just bought it, these are the first views of it anyone has seen, Cool eh. click on the link below to see what Ross is up to now.

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Ever wonder how good the bodies are that  great Rods, start with. This was John Emery's as it was delivered to Jon Golding.  It was cherried to perfection after mucho work at Home Grown Hot Rods. I am pretty sure I heard right when I was talking with John Emery at Billing. He said this body he bought off an American guy who by chance he got talking to at a Rod Run in the states, the guy rang him out of the blue one day, saying "this 34 body you bought from me, you'd best pick it up as I am moving to the north of the country". Man imagine trying to track it down if the guy had just simply moved and not been so honest as to tell him. The story is a tad more involved than that but I was in cloud cuckoo land at the time John relayed the tale to me, as I had sold my Rod and just picked up an award from the NSRA, well it was either that or my memory is shot simply cus of my age ;>(

This is Lynne Stafford's beauty 50 Ford Shoebox with its restrained new look after a body intensive care session and man is it looking cool or what and what do we spy in the background?.

Ray Newman is one very talented Rod builder. This is his 37 Dodge that he has altered all the panels on to make the proportions more to his liking. Ray runs Rodandclassic Mart. *respect*

If you know Russ Grieve I bet ya don't recognise him when he was a Trend setter with hair :>)

Dan Boone is bringing his young Son Jacob up with Rodding in his Blood. Young Jacob knows his Rod is far faster than his dads and way cooler eh Jacob!

Great photo of Dan putting the Roadster to bed after Goodwood 04 aint that a cool looking photo. Look at dat clean garage!

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