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Rodders Goofing around

Rodder's ya cant take em anywhere can you, but if ya do ya have to take em twice the second time is back to apologies!
Mark Pointing but what at I am not sure :>)

Do you recognise this Rodder

Again Rodders enjoying themselves when they thought the camera wasn't on them who are they :>) 

Not exactly goofin around but Langy now has a pinstriped Bog seat and chequered floor tiles he's Car mad!

Colin Jeffries trying to escape from his secure unit in his latest Rod which he seems to of out grown some.....Which looks uncannily like Alfie Kyberts newly flamed 37 tot rod


Looks like Simon Cowell has started a trend amongst Some Rodders How high can your pants go?

A well known naturist Birmingham Rodder, who shall remain nameless to protect the innocent, seen here at the all naked Rod grinding event, in a unnamed Garage. Takes some bollix eh... or maybe not!

Frank Carroll at Americar show Stoneleigh doing tongue exercises ready for the big clean up on his 34. Apparently this is the only way to get your car as clean as Franks.

What more of a deterrent do you need than this, to not drink cider. This visiting clergy man has never been the same since his visit to a Sunday night at the Nats.

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