Weird and wonderful 

This is a scaled down V8
& intended to power a Totrod.  The guy is an engineer with WAY too much time on his hands!!!! 


  Apart from the pistons & carbs, EVERYTHING is hand built from scratch.  When you rotated the flywheel, all the valve gear operated as well as the crankshaft & piston assemblies. Can't wait to hear it run, with those Zoomy headers it should sound unreal. Photos and article by Maurice Takoor sent to me by Jason Springate..  

Langy's latest addition to his ever evolving 56 F100, an original Pin Stripping Job by TooTall Paul.

Barry's petrol tanker! nearly there after a lot of work by Martin and himself its MOT'd and runs fine just details to finish maybe one month will do it drove it last week and it goes well.

Tracy Perks lets the world know about her hobby :>)

Someone overdid the soap suds when they was giving the A Sedan its weekly wash. Courtesy of Ron Wigg

Nikki Gethings Bedroom Mural painted by his owd fella Pete Gething who built and showed The C cab known as Temptation. Depicted is Jody's Pop, Nikki's Sm*rt Car and the Old Mans C Cab as it will look after its rebirth :>) Maybe called the Final Tempatation!

How about this for a cool light switch from the fair hands of Steve'y Lang Groovy!

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