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Cool Rides out and about the UK

Lynne Stafford's Wildly Flamed 50's  Ford and Adrian Smith's Groovy A

Tark has been smartening up the old Plymouth somewhat with the roof now painted in Imperial blue with House of colour large sea blue flake ,buried in wild cherry candy Yum yum... It doesnt always show up so well in all photos Tark says but when the sun hits it, whoaho it gleams Groovy .. The whole body of the car has been painted Ford Panther Black , with extra blue mica  (same colour as a Focus, don't tell anyone sshhhhh) ...

Don't 60's Yanks make amazing Lowrider's Nice one Tark!  

Don't these photo's make ya wanna go out with turn ups on ya jeans and slicked back hair. Bloody Great!

Some Great shots from the New Forest Reliability Run Trad Rods and Kustoms only
Photos thanks to Lynn Stafford.

Some more from the Reliability Run (strictly no radials) courtesy of Tracy Perks, The guy on the Cop bike is so cool check out the Video clips for more.

Where was this Photo taken? 
The US of? Nope its from the good old  UK...
Sent in by Ron Wigg  (see feature rods) taken by his mate Hot Rod Henry both from Scotland.

Pete Dempsey and his mates showing ya dont  have to shine to shine!

Jon Golding Cruising in his gorgeous steel 32.

Simon Phillips and his mate Martin Griffin (Victory Wheelers) on a run through the New Forest, fenderless as nature intended with Radials :>) Below is Martin Griffins superb artistic Photo but above this is my favourite photo for 2003

Here they are again taking a breather and dont they look Proper Cool and that's with a capital C....

Another View of Martin Griffin and Si Phillips 32's out on their own reliability Run.

I have deliberately kept this a good quality photo (hence long download) as I just think it is superb and very artistic. It is courtesy of Martin Griffin who obviously has a great eye for a shot... I am gonna give this the Uk-Hotrods Award for most artistic Rod photo of 2003 :>)

Seth Kennedy and wife Katie took their Cambridge Kustom over the Honsiter Pass in the lake District. Seth made the trip in 2003 and proved his car can  make an arduous trip as good as any modern Motor!

Jon Looking Cool on Southend Prom

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