Rod & Kustoms being abused

If you have any photos that would look good on here then.. Hey send em to me.... send em to me now!!

Gary Bennett's Blown Devon doing the Hide fry shuffle at Portreath (not sure how ya spell it)

Tut Tut Tut Naughty Langy!!

Adrian Smiths Groovy A fries the rears at Shakey to prove the old adage that Real Hot Rods Run.

Stewart Eckersly proves his 37 does really smoke them tyres who said it would Ecker's like !

A's Misbehaving ) Oh and a B Terrrr



 Yep even show cars get thrashed when you are called Steve'y Lang. 

Adrian making a sand castle I think at Hemsby Use em and abuse em eh!

Stewart Eckersly proves his 37 can Kick up a Storm :>)

Tony Rowans plays to the crowd at the 2003 Nats.

Lynne Stafford again using up some rubber :>)

Tracey getting a perk on!

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