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Guess I have been doing these pages all wrong haven't I... the new photos should be at the top of the page he.. Terrrrr From now on all new entries will go to the top...

Some latest photos of Bandage's Harley Chop

James Walkers cool Cool chop and a flick of him doing what he enjoys most riding em!

Robbies latest a blown CB 750 see more below

Neilson Millers 47 BSA A10 Bobber (neat)

Bandage oh so cool Harley Chop see below for his Hot Rod Truck

it's matt black, no heater, carpets, stereo, air con or just about anything else that it don't need to actually run. But I use it every day for work etc and drive the shit out of it. I love it to bits and haven't stopped grinning since I drove it back to Runcorn from London last year.

James 1956 F100 running a Thunderbird 390 big block and a C6 Trans

Odgie Darnlongdong or something like that ;o) Crazy Odge to most of us, or just plain old Odgie.. though plain he aint !!

Odgie has built many many Custom bikes over the years this is his first one back in 1965.. and on the right was his latest which he has just sold. He says wait till we see his latest creation is is proper fugged up so he says ;o)

Mark Ringer 49 Chevy Truck

1949 Chevy 3100, with 468ci bbc. Pro Street. Engine by Knight Racing and much other work by Geoff Hauser.

Chris Ireland

1947 Morris 8? Just finishing a major rebuild. The only thing unmodified is the chassis. Was a standard 4-door saloon when Chris bought it.
Running a Suzuki OHC motor.

Also his an Indian Chop, here is a 17yr old Chris at the Pod in 1968

Billy from up in Scotland oh so cool 49 Chevy.

From the looks of it Robbie could fill at least one page all on his own with the cooool Looking Chops he has built. Robbie builds all his own stuff. Love the downdraughts on this cool shorty springer'ed Harley.

Robbie's Tough FJ1100

And yet two more hard as nails Chops from Robbie.. His latest is a fat wheeled Trike... Maybe get a photo when its finished..


Great Stuff keep the Chops and Bobbers coming..

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