Readers Rides American Classic and Modern

Stuart Archibold 62 Impala, rolling on 18 and 20 incher's.with a crate 305 to keep them rolling see his 40 in the rods section.

Mark Wilsmores Ace Cafe founder cool 67 Chevelle

Chris Gohlich's
68 Cougar.

Paul Gatty's

super neat Tri Powered 4 speed 59 Cat Eye Rear Impala *Cool*


Nigel Swifts
Horney 69 Road Runner, warmed up 440 auto with manual valve body, 10" converter, super stock springs, AREs and disappointing 13.40 second ets. Still the motor's coming out shortly for a bit of fettling over winter so maybe the 12s next year, who knows... Update Star date May 2004 "I'm now a happy man. Just returned from a weekend at York Drags and the car's running 12.70s, on treads and through the mufflers! And it's a 3,800lb car. Truly I am a happy chappy!" Nige


Diane Reprogle from Sevierville, Tennessee
Owns this ultra straight 57 Chevy.


Nick Stratta
 1964 Buick Skylark project


Larry and Sharon's West Coast of British Columbia
North of Vancouver It's a 1974 350/300 HP coupe "T" top, and on the day of the pic's  it had just come out of the paint shop. Engine is re-built, adding Matching Edelbrock performer cam, manifold & carb.  


Rich Drage
( I am awaiting info)


Stuart Herason's
69 Pro Street Mustang

Calum from Scotland.
Ford Torino *Starsky and Hutch style*

Shane Knighton
55 Chevy Prostocker

Janson Diamond
55 Fairlane, Rover V8 powered soon to be a 302.

Paul Barnes
55 Chevy BelAir

25yr old Nick Horns Cool 50's Pontiac soon to get the Custom treatment.

Chevy Day Van belongs to Ash who has a 56 F100 project also.

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Readers Rides

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