Wells Winter Warmer

From John G and his 27T

While most people were tucking into left overs on boxing day a cunning plan had been hatched to make a run for it on Bank Holiday Monday.

Like all seasoned Rodders my mate Paul's focus was not on Christmas presents but on his Rodz, spending the month up to the big day laying outside welding/wiring up his recently acquired Chevy, so he could get it mot'd. Christmas eve comes and so does an mot certificate, the station only opening to do his car, how's that for service.
On leaving us on Christmas day he waves bye to us to an accompaniment of crunching gears, the gear selector sheared on the column, so boxing day spent stripping and repairing, ready for Monday.
A friend and local Rodder Ratty and his mates from the Iceni club had decided a great antidote to the Christmas excess would be a run out to the coast and had contacted Paul to see if any others wanted to come. With most local Rodz in winter rebuild stage or owners still overcoming the last few days, it was left to Paul and myself to go. Paul decided to take the Chevy as his Rod, which he uses every day, deserved the rest, I decided to take my 27t roadster (not a hard choice as its the only one of my Rodz on the road). We are lucky in that both our missus's love Rodz and were happy to come along in the freezing conditions.

When we left it was just above freezing and the roads covered in a white glow, we met up with Paul and Bev and set off about 11.00, fighting for grip, it was a battle to hear what was screaming more; open headers, smoking crossplies or me missus (not really she loves it), having steered most of the way there with the throttle it started to thaw and I had to use the damn steering wheel again, Doh.

We were expecting to meet up with Ratty and a few mates about 20 miles away at a gas station, but on arrival were greeted with just under 20 motors and like minded nutters. We hung out for a while and chatted then on to Wells on the North Norfolk coast, Bracing very bracing. All the way there people waved and smiled at us, aren't sure if it was the holiday spirit or they thought it was safer to wave as we were all mad.

On arrival we were surprised at the number of people there and as the car parks were all pretty full. We decided we would have to park on the pub car park ( Shame ), into the pub for a warm up and then onto the chippy for some grub. Everyone just chatted and chilled out (easy today for some reason)! looking at each others motors, a wide selection including Rodz, yanks, classics and some Cobra's.

A couple of hours later tyres were chirping and a few of us had a rip down to the lower beach and a drag back along the harbour wall, ah the sound of the sea (well flatheads and 318's on full bore) brings a tear to ya eye.

We said our farewells and set off in different directions, I followed Ratty and Phil in their Rodz, made a great sight as the sun was setting and they disappeared into the distance (Ba**ards), I spoke to the missus but got no reply as I realised she was nearly frozen stiff, arrived back a Paul's for a lovely cup of coffee and a reflection on the day and a realisation how lucky we are with our missus's.

Short trip home and it was now getting slippery again, so made it a long trip home :o )  


In view of the recent disaster and heartaches various people have suffered over the past year, lets all be thankful for what we've got, maybe not a lot, but a hell of a lot more than some.
All the best for a sunny,smokin,earsplitting new year. 

John  G

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