Russ Grieve

Russ has had this 47 for quite some time now, it has been on the garage scene pages for yonks, this is its latest incarnation it is the same car that was used in the film who framed Roger Rabbit. Russ farmed out the finishing touches to Kerry Tate and Russ just picked it up in late October Mot'd and finished. Since then Russ has been ragging it about the Scottish country side every minute he can. he always takes the long round to where ever he is going as he enjoys the way it drives so much.

the journey back from Kerry's the other week was over 300 miles and it performed impeccably. There was a slight hic up the week before when Russ first picked it up, the trans threw a wobbler and refused to budge, Kerry sorted it with a new filter unblocking the breather and a couple of trans fluid changes.. The rest they say is history.

When do you use yours? send me some photos and some stories

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