Mick and Sandy Mears

Mistletoe & Wine.... Hell no............ its Crossplies and Ice for Rodders!

Mike and Sandy Mears took their Cool Brrrrrrrrrr No not that kind of Cool I mean Cooooooool 27T out on its maiden voyage on Boxing day. It was no crank up the heater for them, (apart from not having one) it was down with the hood (roof) on with the thermals and lets use that Rod, even if it is below freezing, now aint that what its all about getting out and using dem Rods at every opportunity.. *respect*

As Mick says just look at them frozen smiles it says it all don't it!!

 Mick & Sandy Mears, Victory Wheelers

I thank Mick and Sandy for sharing this great photo with us on Uk-Hotrods if you are reading this and have a similar one send it in lets see you having fun, so us slaving in the garage know why we do it :>)

Happy New Year everyone!

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