Kev Rooney a Secret Lemonade drinker (Pop geddit)

Kustom aficionado is now well and truly into his Rods

After Kev had sold his A and Kapri, he embarked on a T and another A project.. But he was soon missing the crack at the rod runs and the camaraderie of his mates. So Kev not wanting to go mad and spend his projects budget, but also not wanting another project sought some kind of cool ride him and Marion could use to go to rod runs in and keep his head held high. So it had to be a Rod like this Pop. It features a 2ltr Efi block and auto trans.  Kev has had some sorting to get it to his standards and to make it so he could use it as his daily, but it is now fully sorted (sounds easy when you say it like that) and Kev uses it all the time.  I like the little touches like the old car club badges on the front and the pea shooter exhaust at the rear. Kev has gone for the old car look more than honed to perfection Rod that you are afraid to leave anywhere. It works well and is also a neat bit of fun...

So what do you do in your Rod when not at Rod Runs send me the evidence!

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