Gary & Penny Bird Just F'1n about

Gary Bird and his Wife Penny took the family toYarmouth to clear out his Fathers chalet that they have there. For a big clear out session what better vehicle could you go in than a 48 F1 pick'em -up. Big Red as Gary  affectionately calls his F1, drove from Coventry to Yarmouth did a couple of trips to the tip then back to Coventry sweet as a nut. Gary uses Big Red as his daily aswell.

Now guess what size V8 Big Red has to push it along the UK's highways? I bet you are wondering,  well shock you as it may, it sure did shock me, it has a 2ltr OHC motor *gasp* Gary reasons that this same engine powers a fully laden lwb tranny van and here is the proof of the puddin, it does actually move it! ;>)

Gary & Penny are another proper Rodding family, as Penny also drove her Mk1 Cortina to Yarmouth on this trip and it was from her Tina that these photos were taken, there own mini rod run!

  Gary also has a Pop, unfortunately he wrecked the gearbox in that at York, so that's tucked away in the garage for the winter, unlike the F1 and the Cortina which see plenty of use, the way it should be.... Though allowances are made if your Rod is all chromed as the winter salt sure takes its toll on shiny stuff that's for sure, but if you do get out in your Rod, Kustom or Truck anytime please send us the proof so we can all see how cool you just are!

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