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A Cool looking Kev Rooney from just a few years ago :>) Go on then 1983 with his Rover Powered Zephyr  convertible. Kev had this car for six years. The guy Kev sold it to had it for 15 years before he had an underbonnet fire that wrote it off. Not so bad that someone couldn't buy it, new owner change the engine and sold it on for 3 times what Kev originally sold it for! 

Pip Bidllecombe's old coach , later became the Belchers Beer Truck? We think.  

Some photos from Bob Luxford.

Fendered 27T at classic American Day, Brooklands race track, Original project started by Pete from Fleet bought and finished by 3day Bob. It was on a model A chassis (z'd at the rear) and used a model B engine and had 40 ford brakes. Bob sold it in 1992 to finance his 34 5 window coupe, where is it now?.

Jethro bodied Rover powered 32B built Graham Campbell from Southampton, now in new hands.

Gorgeous 34 5 window maybe Jeff Becks.

Red 37 Sedan of Tony Thacker CC editor. Chop was featured in the mag, now owned by someone from Watford Rods. 

Red 1941 Ford pick-Up originally built by "Shug" Hanchard, Chris Howell bought it off him at Billing in 1990, made a few changes, kept it on the road as much as possible as it was his only form of transport. It ran SBC 305, TH350 and 10 bolt, dropped tube with discs and steelies all round. Chris sold it to experience the joys of Roadster driving in about 96. Truck now resides in Sussex, still being used as a pick-up (ie: gets stuff chucked in the back of it) and normally makes an appearance at the SuperNats every year.

Blue 1940 Standard Tudor Sedan, Chris also bought this one from Gordon Brenan in Edinburgh (had a thing about travelling to Scotland to buy
rods!) in 1999 or was it 2000. Ended up painting it black with blue steelies (reg No: GVS 500). This thing drove like a new car! Chris sold it last year and it remains in Essex and is undergoing a bit of detailing and a tidy up.

A Coupe with graphics built by Jimmy Dunlop  from Plymouth.

Orange 29 a roadster with flames was built by John Toft originally ,re-built by Keith Atkinson and then driven into the back of Langy's sky blue one ooops!!!


Nostalgia guys Northhants Billy's 32 (now all original steel and fully fendered) and Kev Elliott's (Custom Car Editor) much missed 29 at Wheelsday around 92/93.

Flamed Pop with 34 grill was built by Chris Pinard and met the crusher in 1998
(The then prat of an owner had it crush because he couldn't sell it for £350?)

Gonna stick me neck out here and say this is Paul Waylings blue coupe

Black and flamed pop with appliance wire mags???? went to Aussie land, was built by Gray Weeks of Southampton, originally painted Glowbal Red and called Powerfanalia, featured in C C in the 80's.

Red Fordson used to be cream and came from Suffolk.

Hi riding pop was called Henrys Revenge and ran a Jag engine with Nitros.

Red 5window 32 is Richard Gadds (Acme)


Yellow Minor had a  flip body and 430 Buick power.  

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