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32 Fordor made into a Delivery by Pod, originally owned by Russ Grieve, who found it in a barn by Gleneagles golf course. Russ fitted a 400ci Pontiac motor and trans, before it went south of the border. 

Tim Wesley's A40 from 1975Van do you recognise it now in its new guise?Yes its the awesome Dave Browns, Nick Butler built one.

Pipe Dream Capri  I took this photo at Chelsea Cruise in the 70's modern Car trick paint job all part of the scene then, why not now?? whooo Controversy :>)

Speed Freak Fordson with new paint job in the late 70's I think maybe early 80's at Billing.

Photos by Nigel Swift

Street Fighter
 - Dave Colbeck's Camaro never seemed to get round to running the numbers but at the time it was the toughest kid on the block. He used to live a mile or so from me and I cycled past many a time just to see the thing. Pictured here next to Dave Grady's High Spirits Fairlane at the '79 Street Machine Nats, Nostell, Wakefield.

  And who can forget Satan's Pawn, chopped, flamed, "blooded", subtle it ain't!

Capri - yes we really did build cars like this

Brian and Linda Young's Duchess Model Y - sweet.

Some  Photos from Langy

Named Berpop by Custom Car who did a feature on this Pop, because Mike Berman built the first circuit racing Version of this road legal Pop this one was built by Geoff Kremer in the early 80's Wild. Geoff always called it the Beast! Lets bring back giving our Cars names.

The Late Dave Grady's 57 Fairlane.

John Moggy Mills 60's Plymouth Roadrunner. 

Des Taylor's old Race cars Des now Races a wild 34

Al's Gasser in its early guise...

More from Nigel Swift


 Li'l Angel was one of my faves at the time, a Mk1 Consul with a V8, chrome 5 spokes and whitebands, lovely


Hi Enuf V6 Cortina in flake and candy with a "Huggy Bear" interior

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Keep sending them early photos in. lets get a complete record of our History.

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