Southern Roadsters Show around '77-'79-ish
Photos by Brian Anker

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Once owned by Bernie Choodosh. Some how or other the wheels eventually ended up on John Cross's 32 Roadster.

This was the first body from the Jethro Automotive moulds and built and owned by Pete Farmer. info courtesy of Kev Rooney

Is this the old Pop Black???

Pete Moore's  who now competes in Outlaw Anglia's.  This was Pete's first rod run in the Pop 1982, it had a V6 with a Jag rear, he reports this set up was not very reliable. Pete still owns this Pop, but now with 350 Chevy power and it is Pro Street and reliable though parked up now as he races in Outlaw Anglia's..

 I  think this yellow Pop with the orange fenders and pinstripe flames was built by a guy called Ron Keenes, one of, if not the originator of the Essex Popular Front( Info From Nigel Swift)

Do you own any of these? are they still about do you remember them?

Pilots always looked good and originally had a Flathead V8 which was a bonus as they sounded good aswell. I remember Steve Cheetham and his Brother Dexy arriving at the Rainy City Cruise one night in one they had taken the side panels off like this one, put a set of wide wheels on like this one and a set of Cherry Bomb exhausts and it looked and sounded fantastic Hey maybe it is this one??

Rover that was owned by Southern Roadster member Roger Pyle with all Rover running gear.

Red 10/14 Morris  owned in 1982 by Tim Pratt from Chippenham, originally built by Dave Finch later owned by Steve Bickerstaff it was painted then by Geoff Harris in Black Cherry with 80's Graphics remember them. It then was owned by a Polliss Man and has since disappeared (Thanks Geoff for this info)

Yella Dorset? man I am a crap car spotter. I do remember the yellow one though from the 70's  UpDate its a Devon not a Dorset Ha Ha close eh :>) The Devon is still owned by the same Guy Nick Brooke-Langham and it should be back on the road this year. Nick located the car in Bristol and retrieved it from a Council lock up where it had spent the last 12 years. The original car was built to an exceptionally high standard Nick says which has made returning it to the road slightly easier. The Devon was built by Mike Taylor originally who now runs a metallic blue all steel 41 Willys thanks for the info Nick Nick!! :>)

This 4 seater T was built by Ron Waters and was originally destined to be pink !!  Info from Kev Rooney

Thanks to Geoff Jago and Ray's Rods we had a few American style bodies to make into Rods in the 70's.

Pip Bidllecombe's Low Blow T was just so Freaking wild it blew us all away even if it didn't see any Road use...


Ray's Rods Plymouth with the Daimler Hemi which was our answer to the 5 window hemi powered coupe's we saw in Street Rodder at the time...
update: The Juniper Red Plymouth was built by the late Big Al Knellor. It featured in Rod and Custom at one stage. It was the original Surrey Street Rodders project car that was shown at the famous Southern Roadsters USG show.Al used to be known as one of the old men in the club , after all he was 30 compared to most of us in our 18 / 19 year olds. Info from Kev Rooney

I think this T sedan phaeton? was a hand made tin one if I remember correctly.Update:
Update courtesy of Colin Bartlett The T Phaeton was done by Ray Christopher I seem to remember. It was featured in Hot Rod and Custom UK. Handbuilt using an engineering wheel. He hand painted the frame with Japlack paint, and at that point had to remember that he was building a Hot Rod and not a restoration. IFS and IRS and a big V8. I really loved the high look with its top. Ray built a lot of Hand built rods. Really loved Past-yer-eyes express with the dummy blower. Also Cement-T and the Helirod, which both got used in the program 'Runaround' as places to sit when asking questions. I would love to see an updated Express. With alluminium IRS and a real B&M Blower.  Memories....

and Rubellion I think?
. Where are they now???. I wish I owned a decent camera back then. I had one of those Polaroid instant thingies.....All faded now....and very small...Col.

Black T was built by Neil Houghton and was a well known car . He was at all the big shows including Belle Vue. It went into retirement and was later bought and resurrected by John Page of the UK Hotrod group. Info from Kev Rooney Yellow

  T was and still is owned by Dave Cummings he still drives the T now, see readers rides page 6 as it is now.

Thanks Brian for these photos and a little bit more of the History of Hot Rodding in the UK

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