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1st Billing Fun Run line-up photo from Gerry Rogers who was there in his T (The Blue one) see photos below.

Gerry Rogers T in 1978

New paint for 1979 called Foxy Lady (Thanks to Gerry for sending in these great photos) Gerry still owns the T and is working on it again now has a 350 with Kinsler injection.

Usk Castle in Wales, sometime in 1974. One of the Old owners (in the photo I think) is after any info on where it maybe now e-mail me if you have any info.. if not just enjoy the photos...

Another view from above without the hood (roof).

Distinct with its heart shaped rear window and wooden pickup bed..


Remember this Jago coupe from page 17, well here is an update on what its like now and where it is....

It is now in New Zealand, the owner (for over 8yrs) is Rob Capaldi and he is rebuilding it. I will let Robert tell you all about It:
The car is in New Zealand now, i brought it over with me and after 8 years of ownership finally decided if i didn't build it now i never would so handed it over to a mate who is Christchurch's answer to Jerry Denning, and 5 weeks later it was rolling. We ended up building a new chassis as the old one had been badly butchered over the years, and it looked like someone had tried to pro street it at some point. There were a few different sets of engine mounts welded to the frame too..........

Driveline now is 351 Cleveland and T10 4 speed, rear end is 8 inch Ford. Front axle is '37 Ford, split hairpins came off a well known local T bucket.............yes it is up in the sky but the gasser circus had a big effect on me, as did Harry Luzader's car from 1965. The body needs a fair bit of work, but the interior is still in it and i have all the body panels that it was built with. It still has the 4 inch channel on the frame, and the NASC Nationals sticker from 1985 is staying in the windscreen ! There's a drag strip in Christchurch, and i'm trying to get New Zealnds answer to the gasser circus off the ground, so am planning to run it a bit out there but otherwise it'll be a street car like it always was.

Before i left i spoke to Geoff Jago, who remembered it, and also to a guy in London who lived around the corner from the Harris' brothers when they owned it - and that also gave me a shove to get on with the rebuild. Hope you like it !

Cheers, Rob


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