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Moments in Time!! Sometimes I feel so privalidged seeing these photos... This one in particular.. Neil staring right back at us from a moment captured in Time!!!

This was our club in those days, Mid West Street Machines 

The venue:- Stourport school 1981.
The blue escort was built by Mick Wilson Rover V8, the school kids loved the doughnuts and all turned out to be Hot Rodders.

The Bedford van is Geoff moores with V6. He has only just sold it! The blue avenger was an ex custom car project, chopped channelled and sectioned.

The red escort (far left)was built by Paul Manning when he was 15. It has many mods, even down to portholes, triumph front and sunbeam rapier wings. The Morris Minor was mine, 1300cc, shorrocks super charger, etc.

Phil Bowen in his Novel T.

The Beetle was built by a guy in Norwich and then owned by my sister, Jane Atkinson, The Hoover was there to make an attenpt to clean up the school playground from rubber.

Put some clothes on girl.... what pop?

What great photo... now that has gotta hurt! Must be the NATS

Phil Bowen springing a Leak..........

Phil Bowen making some young lad very happy by the look... Cool photo.

Love the shot of the young lady peering through into the chopped pop screen.



Keep them old photos coming.. I love them Cheers.

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