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I have just been sent these photos from Wendy Morris and they show her father Ken Day in his T. Wendy noticed a photo of her Dad Ken on Page 16 of the Southern Run to Beaulieu in 72. On is a photo of Spat Wilkinsons Red Model Y. Next to it is her dad, Ken Day with his 1927 T bucket.

The T came off the road in 1981 and after alot of alterations and persuasion, hit the road in 2005
and took Wendy to her wedding.

(I would like to say after having 24yrs tucked away in a garage - it flew through its MOT). Ever since then it has been out and about and enjoys many days out at local rod runs.

Even the Grandkids are getting pleasure now out of Grandads T.. now how cool is that.

Chris and Pat Churches T. Curtecy of Tony Wallis cica 1970

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