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Martin DeAth,  The builder and owner of the Ford Model T. C Cab MACABRE. (and was the MART half of  PETE & MARTS Rodshop in the early 80s  built it between 1975 and 1977. Was first shown at the 1978 Custom Car Show at Ally Pally in London.. It won two awards one being Participants Choice Runner Up...  Martin took MACABRE to shows all around the country and even abroad + many Rod Runs, Outside Shows. Cruises. Etc.  It won over50 Awards /Trophies/Prizes. Martin Showed MACABRE Between 1978 And 1986... In the late 80s Mart moved from Essex to Lancashire. (The Rossendale Valley, just north of Manchester) Mart took it to a few events while up here. The last one being York Raceway In 1996 .  Where it won Best Custom  (thats where these pictures where taken).....Martin still has MACABRE ..sitting in his garage a bit dusty and in his words "looking a bit sad".. But it still runs..  And he does plan to rebuild it. (hopefully soon)..  To as original condition as possible . After all it is an original 70s UK built Streetrod  and part of our history.. And it will be 30yrs old next year....

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