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Great site.....brought lots of good memories flooding back! When I was a teenager and just getting into the rodding and custom scene I used to go to the Cardiff only lasted for one summer if I remember right! Star of every Saturday night was Paul Kemptons Pop Coupe......he lived in the next street over from me in a flat above a garage where he parked the Pop....i used to be in bed late at night and hear him coming home in it, he also had a customised Bedford CF van which i used to drool over too!!

Paul Kempton now owns a pine furniture warehouse in Cardiff and the last time i saw him he was driving a Porsche......possibly a 928?

Looking at your site has got me thinking about all of the old car photos from the late 70's early 80's that i have in the back room......must dig them out and have a look!!!!

By the way i drive a mk1 Capri fitted with a mildly tuned Rover V8, 5 speed 'box, lowered/uprated, full cage......currently off the road as i have been doing sensible things like getting married, buying a house and starting up my own business.....i have recently started work on it again though!!!!

Keep up the good work and keep adding those old them!!!

A well known local car....'Alien'....drooled over this for hours when I was a kid....

I believe this was built by Andy was parked up in a Cardiff backstreet here....

Paul Kemptons Pop Coupe seen at a classic car event at Cardiffs Civic Centre.

Unusual choice.....4 door Marina saloon

Another local car....I think it had a 1275cc engine.....again I used to drool over this one too!!!!!

Andy Saunders Citroen...used to carry his street legal...erm....boat thingy!!

Another Andy Saunders creation.....Volvo called, I think, 'Rainbow Chaser'.

Bedford CF had mid-mounted blown V8 and hydraulic suspension

One of the infamous little Fiat 126's....the other being black, I think they were (are?) owned by two brothers?
They used to show up much more exotic machinery at the drags......

Taken at the 'Pop festival' at Avon park...or Long Marston as it was when this was taken...

Paul Kennedy's Mr Torquer Fordson.

For some reason something tells me this was 'Hot Car' magazines project which they later gave away in a competition....

Magazine featured Hillman Imp....I think!!

Taken at llandow custom show near Cardiff airport.

This Ruby has seen many guises in its time....I remember it being yellow and on the front cover of the defunct Hot Rod and Custom magazine
.....owned by Pip Biddlecombe?

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