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Mad 428 Cobra Jet powered Pop owned by Johnny Oldham around 1986. Had Triumph IFS and S-Type Jag rear.
If you want to see how this pop looks nowadays click here

F-type Victor had rover v8, magnum front end vx490 back end   

Also owned by Johnny Oldham

More from Johnny

Update Johnny built  both the above cars,  building his first car when he was 19  and ran around in it with his mate well known Rodder John Reid it was this white pop. It was in custom car around 1981 then Johnny ran the car for 3 years with different paint jobs as u can see. He then built a mk 2 zodiac with 302 in it then bought this f type victor which was totally rotton, and somebody had tried to put a new floor in what a bodge job as u can see. Johnny spent 12 months rebuilding the f type ran it for 2 years before buying another pop. Then built the black pop in about 18 months ran that car for about a year.  Johnny now say's he is now in the position to be build a 32 model b as he has wanted one of these for the last 15 years and this web site has giving him the inspiration to get back into rodding that and nine points from his R1 helped a bit to :>)  -----




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