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 All photos courtesy of Mark Thornton

Al Knellors Rays Rods Plymouth coupe taken in the late seventies I think?

Next Photos are all form Victory Wheelers Run in 1984

Kev Rooney's Zephyr though not owned  by Kev Rooney when this photo was taken. Kev would never of roped his car off..

Gone in 60 Seconds Mustang

Pip Biddlecombes Stagecoach.

All next Photos form Victory Wheelers Run 1986

Andy Saunders Volvo Kustom

Ray Christopher Milk Float 'PASTYEREYES EXPRESS'

A couple from Odgie

The Murty truck was shot at the Aintree drags, circa 1975.

Smax's Galaxy was his first Yank. I'd (Odgie) been running a
'68 Firebird, and he come round to get his 3-litre Austin sprayed black cos I did stuff cheap... Then he saw me Pontiac in the yard and decided he'd give up sissy English cars there and then. The following week we spotted the Galaxy and went and scored it. It had a 390/C4 combination, already sat on the 10x15s, two drainpipes hanging by chains for the exhausts, and he give 250 quid for it. But it did cost him an extra 25 quid for the red 'n flames jobbie I sprayed on for him. How different the world might have been if he'd taken his Austin to a Proper Sprayshop somewhere else...

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