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photos courtesy of Bill Taylor an ex pat now living in Canada

All photos taken at the Pod


 Mickey Bray's "All British T used Daimler Hemi power for his  T-bucket.

The Daimler-T was running around all weekend in company with this
1.6-litre Ford powered bucket and Barry Treacey's full-fendered roadster

A pair of unidentified T buckets, the Red one with an in-line

This T was built by Neil Houghton. He later changed for a Jag rear and V6 and was a regular at Belle Vue and all the indoor shows of that time. He repainted it black with a blue ribbon down the side .

Full-fendered one with a V4

Barry Treacey's Chrysler-powered T-bucket and Pop

Three Anglia "customs," a 100E and two 105Es. The flock-covered was
really nicely done

Top-chopping for beginners. Radical Morris Minor

Three visiting Swedish rods. The Deuce coupe also raced. 

After this, it was sprayed red then Ian Pilling had it YBE 1 and now is owned by Keith Abrehart magnificent gem of a 32.

Two slingshot
dragsters parked behind the pickup truck


One I almost forgot --Grannies Pride  Morris 8 roadster, with bright yellow rear
mudguards.  Engine was a BMC A Series.
Interesting front suspension. Was featured in Custom Car in 1973. Has been seen fairly recently at a Watford Rods run.

All these fantastic photos showing some of our heritage are courtesy of Bill Taylor ex pat who is a feature writer for the Toronto Star in Canada.... Cheers Bill.

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