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Metalflake Mickey Tebbs part 2

Hiya Holmsey, me again. You'll be getting a batch every week now my lad's showed me how to do this scanning trick. I'll give you 9 out of 10 for getting the last lot in some sort of order, you missed out Dave Harris and his chopped CF and muddled a couple of captions up, but what the hell, it's all good viewing anyway. Err the Dave Harris Chopped CF didn't look right photo to blurred *Holmsey* "Sorry Mick"

             Here's another handful, a couple of which I'm a bit unsure of the names so if anybody out there can help out then please feel free to correct them.

First couple are the old 'Alphabet Alex' A coupe now in red paint and Dave Cox's A roadster soaking up the Billing sun.
Early 80's and the Nasc Nats at Bruntingthorpe with Jim Dunlop and his 'anodised' A coupe.

Drips Plumbing now in Pro-street guise.

Dave (Leo Sayer) Harris and his 'Taste of Evil' pop and the old John Toft A roadster, again at Billing. Must have been god knows how many years ago, just look how young Dave is!

This B sedan took 'Best Unfinished' at the Nats on two occasions to my knowledge, ended up being shipped to the states with the new 'Limeworks' owner.

This B used to be everywhere, once saw it in a magazine as the 'Floyd Codpiece' roadster.

Keith Baker and his big block chevy powered B roadster, once again at a sun-soaked Billing.

B 3-window of Bernie Chodosh. In my mind set the standards for alot of the nostalgic rides out there today.

This Mercury lowrider was at the Avonpark Nasc Nats, cruised all weekend non-stop. What ever happened to it?

A couple of shots of Ray Austin's featured Y roadster with John Cross's A 4-door sedan. Later to be the prize for a Budweiser competition winner. Both roped off under the 'Victory Wheelers' banner.

       So there's a few more for you to reminisce about, I'll keep looking through my photo's and see if there's anymore worth putting on here.
                                     See y'all later,
                                                 Mick Tebbs.

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