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Hiya Holmsey, finally done it, I've been sifting through some old pics that I hope you and others will find of interest for the old car pages, I hope you get them in the same order to fit the brief descriptions, here goes.............

Rubellion at the Nasc Nats in 85/86 and later after a rebuild and new paint when the Nats went to Avon Park in ?

Radical rod in it's day, 'Blue Movie', 33 Plymouth at Billing in the early 80's. I can't recall the guy's name but I think he used to work for Paul Gibb at Wisbech.

 Nice open-engined Pop widened by about 8" I think.

Picture of my 'Moulin Rouge' at Steel City's run in 86/87, pal from way back, 'Digger', parked next to with his '59 Victor.

'Moulin Rouge' again at Jeff Broomes work place when we were comparing the differences between my (Mickey Tebbs) 35 Hillman and the 32 Ford he'd just bought.

Old T-bucket 'Dusty Rose' at the Nasc Nats, this time at Chelmsford. 

'Shugg's B coupe at Bruntingthorpe just before he took me and a mate for a run down the strip and frightened the living daylights out of us both. My pal then bought the entire running gear out of the car and put it in 'Speedfreak', the Fordson van, that is currently being rebuilt and will be out soon.

Graham Sanderson's 4-door B sedan at the Bruntingthorpe Nationals

Terry Carpenter's 4-door B at the Billing run, both about the mid 80's.

Here's one of my (mickey Tebbs) 'Rodshop Model A' that I (Mickey Tebbs) built in about '87. 'Speedfreak's rear axle, front and rear wheels and the original tyres from when the van was first built went under this car. 350 Chevy powered, this was a pretty quick car, but never got a time on it. 

'Billabong' Bob Burgess and his stunning 27T, full fendered roadster. If the weekends were free of Rod runs me (Mickey Tebbs) and Bob used to drive the wheels off of our cars.

Phil Bowen's, 'Novel T' C-cab parked next to another feature car Mustang from way back.

Well known 'Small Fry' showed up at Billing years ago after going missing for years, and went missing again for a few more years. It's still owned by the same person, somewhere near Drayton Manor, I just can't understand why these people can own a car like this and not use it, and won't sell it either!

Pete Fowler's 'Dirty 30' A Delivery, this rod just blew me away, so much so that it has definitely influenced me in the way I'm rebuilding my 27T coupe, 'Vitamin T'. This was a car I used to admire as it reminded me of my first ever hotrod that I owned when I was a lad of 17, '33 Plymouth coupe with quick 327 Chevy, drop-tube front and chromy jag rear.

Ray 'fake blower' Austin and his lovely 3 window B coupe. I don't think he will mind me telling you this, after all it is years ago, but for years I used to look with amazement at Ray in his blown 32, because back in those days there weren't as many blowers about then as there is now. It was only the other year at the Nats when having a drink round the barbeque, he let slip that the blower on the car didn't work, I never let him forget it!

Two Fordsons, one 'Tivoli Kitchens', owned by Keith Atkinson and the other one 'Drips Plumbing', both members of the 'Brack Pack'.

Bruntingthorpe Nats again now, Tony Ham's 4-door model Y, all chrome under-carriage and Rover V8 and lastly for now,

Simon Lane's nostalgic model A roadster. I believe Simon still has the car but unfortunately another that we don't see enough of.

       Well I hope that's taken a few of you down memory lane, I've got loads more I'll get together and post a few more pages later.
                            Bye Y'all,
                                    Mick Tebbs.

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