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These photos are all from the Seventies. Sent to Uk-Hotrods by Gary Clegg, who was a founder member of the Mid-Kent Roadsters and used to run a Daimler v8 powered split screen Morris back then. 

The first of these photos is of his old friends Nick & Phil Rutherford's first rod. It ran a straight six jag and the windows were all tinted black including the windscreen which made for very interesting night driving! 

I think this is the one that good rear ended by a pissed up Irish Dude  though the paint scheme was different *Street Odyssey?* mind you I have the worlds worst memory :>)

 Most of the other photos were taken I think at Ally Pally.

Thanks to Gary Clegg for these great photo's which I seem to have shrunk a little to much. If they dont come out good on your screen will you let me know and I will have another go at them and not shrink them as much Cheers!

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