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Santa Pod `71-`72.  

The "T" line up shows the "ROD 5"  "T" (with white wheels, white interior) nearest camera, Barry Treacy`s "Mr. T" tee bucket at the far end.

This is  Barry Treacy`s "MR.T". "T" bucket (has white top and full fenders) this car ran Chrysler ,later fitted with big block Chev.  
This T was one of my favorites (Holmsey) a photo of it appeared in Custom Car showing it in traffic with a bus behind with the passengers on the top deck of the bus peering down for a better look, that photo has stayed in my mind since then. Great looking T

This  "T" belonged to Micky Bray, ran a Daimler V8, he sold this car to "Who" drummer and all around nutter Keith Moon to finish Pinball Wizard,  Micky had the "T" before Pinball Wizard Pop.... see the connection :>).

Barry Treacy`s "Mr. T" pop, the white one was the first paint job,`71, repainted in the sunrise paint in `72-`73.

The final "T" (ROD 5) belonged to Pat and Chris Church from Brighton, the black and white pic was taken in `72, it ran a Chevy, the last pic`s are of the same car after a change of paintwork to white with ribbons, tan interior, and white top. these two pics were taken at the first C.C. show.  

ENJOY .....   Brian  

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