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Dave Cummings doing the Bexhill 100 Hill climb, here Dave has just over revved the 55 Chevy motor, the motor was scrap and was replaced by a 350.

Left to right Jamie Campbell's Westbourne Fender works Model Y, still is owned by Jamie from Guernsey and used for many Runs. Richard Cropps Rod Shop V6 A (?) sold to someone from the North of England. Colin James Wizard of Rods Beetle, used in the TV Program Mad about Motors.

This Photo was taken by the model Maker who took the Model round with him for 4 years until he eventually gave it to Dave.

Tim Horsfall's stretched and widened Model Y 1990.

Hickstead lazy Sunday 1991

Paul Baintons 34 sold now to finance a 70's Capri to go racing with.

The view from Andromeda going to Dunsfold (maybe Duxfield)Air show 1992

Dave saying better to Burn out than fade away, car was about to undergo a major revamp. That included a chassis and pick up bed stretch of 3 feet. Oh and to add seats to the pick up bed floor and some new tyres which had seemed to prematurely worn out?

Bentley Wild Fowl Show 1997

Dunsfold ( Maybe Duxfield ed) Air Show, Steve Elloits son Ashley and Dave Cummings Son Roo sat in the car 1997.

Steve Elliott's Awesome and most Famous Rod Andromeda built by Nick Butler for Steve. Steve owned Andromeda for 17yrs. It then had to be rescued from a Lock up after its Mishap which involved a Deer and a Car (see below). 

Andromeda outside Steve's in 1998. I never realised the reg was surreal ? Groovy eh!

1998 Andromeda viewed from Steve's roof. Here is the sad sight of Andromeda being carted off after her sale in 1998. Note no header and crap off side rear wheel also only had half a front axle. All the result of hitting a deer then a car :>(
Nick Butler is re-turning Andromeda back to its former glory now for its new owner.

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