Page 20 1984 - 1989 as captured by Dave Cummings.

Phils Blown V6 Standard

Jago 32 Knebworth 1984

Dave admits to this....... errr........... coupe'd Beetle :>)

On route to Horsham 1984 or 85 Cool Looking 27 owned by Gordon Jones.

Nick the Greeks (Nick Neofitou) Steel Model A, Brands Hatch 1987. Dave says he hasn't seen Nick for about 20yrs
and wonders how he is and where he is now.

Nick Lucks Jago just before he sold it Worthing Sunny Sunday 1987

Gary's Picnic 1988 Dave Zody Street Sleeper, had a 351 Cleveland ran 14's and took many a flashy painted Car by surprise. Also took 2 out of 3 against the Wheelan 11sec car, Though Dave admits first run the Wheelan car had a miss fire and the 2nd it blew the trans but hey he won :>) Dave used to play to the crowd with some long long burnouts.

Left to Right Phil Moules Morris 8, Paul Baintons Classic, Mark Butlers Pop and Dave T Brands Hatch 1989.

 Track Day Brands Hatch 1989

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