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I can remember this Jago 32 from Custom Car feature I will seek it out and get the info Guy Gubbins?. (update now in New Zealand being rebuilt by Robert Capaldi who has owned it for over 8yrs now). I am going to post some photos in my readers rides section.
I remember the feature included a pull out center spread of it.

T he Baldy Van. new owner is revamping it.

AYM 185.Shown in either its Blue dots Magazines trade livery or  Terry Bull signs ,not sure which. 
Currently owned by Trev in Cornwall.

Dave Collins 34

Ralph Golledges Pop Looks like these two have been struck by lightening on the same night.

Arthur Evans's Deer Hunter Pop or maybe Russian Roulette and had a Jag rear with transverse ala the Corvette.

Black and Flamed Standard 10 had a Small Block Chevy and was owned by Roy Healey.
Was originally built by Dave Finch  and known as True Brit.

Ian Armstrong's Red and Silver Pop

Wild Honey.

All photos from Bob Luxford.

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