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299 FVW was the Kev Pittams Couped Pop, that was debuted within months of the Paul Kemptons one. Neither knew the other was building one, each thought theirs would be a one off. (update) 299 FVW is now in the states and 2 weeks ago (April 2005) was For Sale on e-bay. It did not sell as it failed to reach its reserve. It looked like it had led a hard life and certainly was no longer wearing its bright pink paint job!

The 100E  was called 'Little Rascal'. Kenny Burchill from Doncaster built this V6 powered car, it had a unique torsion bar system on the Jag rear which meant it ran without any coil-overs. Old Merc headlamps changed the front and the pillar box size back window changed the rear. The underside was fully chromed and was a true show car of it's day. (Info Mick Tebbs)

55 Chevy 11DYN was owned by Martin Bonner when this photos was taken.

700 HUL. A long time survivor by the name of Summertime blues . Still about virtually unchanged bar for re-spray in different shades of blue.

Novel T

Drips Plumbing Fordson.

 Geoff Cousins Pop the one that was used in the Film give my regards to Broad Street, staring Paul McCartney. Spot the Victory Wheelers plaque on the drivers side rear. Before filming he had to remove all rod run stickers etc from the car. It was only several month into filming that they spotted the Wheelers plaque. It was too expensive to re-shoot so you can see it all through the film.

 Phil Rutherford's 32.

XFB 9T owned by Chris Boyle previous to this photo although he did not build it. After passing through several other owners hands its now owned by Peter Stevens ,one time CC contributor and currently head of design at MG cars.
Update courtesy on XFB 9Tof Phil Mitchell  This is the car now owned by Peter Stevens made famous by Chris Boyle and Simon Pickford ? .Anyway many stories of where it came from originally have always been circulated and it has been called the first Hi-boy in Europe . The roadster was built by Merv Barnett ( Bristol’s Magoo ) and first put on the road in 1979 , it won best unfinished at tha NASC Nationals that year .SPEC as follows …Chassis , modified using a108 inch wheelbase .Engine , Daimler V8 “.2.5  gearbox   Borg Warner autobox, Suspension front Home built 4 bar ,homebuilt axle ,early Rover spindles .Rear MK10 Jag Brakes    Jag all round . Steering   JU box and Pontiac tilt column . Body Jago ……….Homemade bits , windscreen ,windeflectors ,and headlight posts . The car was sold onto Chris Boyle who tried to get Merv to take his then Beetle in partial p/x .


Again any info much appreciated.

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