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(Photos from Bob Luxford)

Line up of Pops at Hayling

Bobs Camaro after it sunk in the pebble beach at Hayling with 2 many Sunset Street Rodders in the back. This is weird above is Bobs Cortina I had a Mk3, now Bobs Camaro I had a 70's next model after this one aswell.

Gasser Vauxhall was red at 1 time.

Blue Pop from Essex called sit up and beg.

Green multi eyed Pop being worked on at auto unique in Tolworth. 


 Paul Kemptons couped Pop when owned by Billy Mcdermid with Bobs Old old 2.0L Pop.

One of Steve Broadleys many pops with Ian lanes Riley fitted with Daimler Hemi.

This 34 was built by Mel Chave from Somerset. He built it in a single car garage that was just 2 inches wider than the rear end! He even modified the chassis himself using no off the shelf parts, on a fold down table type thing that stowed flat against the wall when not in use! Ingenious bugger. It made the front cover of Custom Car in the early nineties. Now in Cornwall I think. Looks similar but is always covered in crap, Weird. Mel sold it minus the front end as he loved that drilled I-Beam too much to part with it. Oh yeah! That was drilled with a hand held Black and Decker drill in the front room of his house, behind the sofa, on a Workmate! The front end is now attached to his 32 Coop. Look out for this one. Should be out this year and it is killer! I've always loved the Tom Prufer style 34,s and wish this particular one was seen more. One more thing. Original grille shell? Nope. More ingenuity! Tis chrome tape very carefully pie cut and applied! (info from Russ Debarr) Mel sold the car to Jim Isaac, a local rodder from Mel's part of the woods in Somerset. Jim ran it around for a while, thoroughly enjoyed it and owned it for about three years. It was then sold to Alec Carter, the chap who started Alian hotrods. Alec eventually went to the States and took the car with him! It's still out there as far as I know.


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