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(All photos courtesy of Bob Luxford)

Andromeda and some guy in a pair of shorts you should be locked up for wearing ( Is it Nige Lockley??) Guy driving Andromeda is Steve Elliott, he owned it for nearly 20 years and was the last person to drive it (Into a deer and then into a car!). Andromeda was then sold on and is now under going a rebuild back at Nick Butlers, who was the original builder of this mind blowing T.

Pip Biddlecombes Low Blow T

Alphabet Alex yellow coupe at Slyfield Green (Wheelsday)

John cross model A fordor Sedan

 Dirty 30 Delivery

Mark Tanners Hillman was a top car in 79/80

39  Ford was a Gasser before this.


Jeff Becks Steel 34 and 32 3 window at Slyfield

A Brace of Jago coupes

Green Jago had  390 Ford Power

SBC powered Jago later also went green

Tony Putticks Y this is the one that the Westbourne moulds were taken from

Phil Rutherford's Jago 32 roadster

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